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Beauty Benefits of Bees 05:19

Skyler Bouchard explores the external benefits of honey for the skin.

About the Show

Skyler Bouchard will explore two of her favorite pastimes: food and beauty. The goal? To see how we can incorporate the food we eat into our beauty regimens and what the effects of doing so will be.

Skyler Bouchard

Skyler Bouchard is a food blogger, host and entrepreneur from Wilmington, Delaware. She is the founder of and @diningwithskyler, where she highlights her dining adventures and indulgent, yet balanced lifestyle. Best known for her Instagram presence as a content creator in the dining world, Skyler works with restaurants around the country as a menu consultant, food stylist and social media expert. She also works as a host for a variety of Food Network’s digital shows and was a contributor on Cooking Channel’s Unique Sweets season 7. Though food is her first love, Skyler also works in the beauty and fitness space, trying to show young women that it is okay to live a multifaceted lifestyle and enjoy a slice of pizza along the way.

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