Star Report: 9 Unforgettable Moments in Week 2

Relive the most-unforgettable moments from the second episode of Food Network Star, Season 13.
Food Network Star

Guest Judge Sandra Lee with Mentors Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis observing the contestants interact with the guests at the Star Challenge Be Our Guest!, as seen on Food Network Star, Season 13.

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Eddy Chen

This was a doozy of an episode. Not only did Bobby and Giada spring a double elimination on the finalists, but almost every competitor was saddled with a struggle — in the kitchen, during a presentation or with a fellow teammate — as they worked in groups for a hospitality-themed challenge. Luckily, though, Aunt Sandy (aka Sandra Lee) was on hand to guarantee a goodtime. We're looking back on all the ups and down; check them out below.

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Be honest: Were you ever the kid who was picked last in gym class? If so, you can imagine what Suzanne feels like in the team challenge. It's clear the other finalists aren't thrilled to be working with her, but we can't help but notice that they're all steam-rolling right over her ideas. Not cool, guys.

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This one goes out to Amy: It's time to speak up, girlfriend! Cory's blowing a third of the budget on the garnish for his dish alone! Your food matters too! (OK, rant over.)

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Major props to Matthew for his patience this week. Not only does he prefer to work alone, but no one on his team takes him seriously. Nancy straight up bosses him around in the grocery store, and later on, the ladies don't follow his suggestion to practice their presentation.

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There were so many amazing (read: inauthentic) French accents going on this week, and it only served to reinforce the challenge. Bon travail, finalists.

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Jason arranges flowers with the passion, precision and focus of a cardiac surgeon. Important note: He's wearing a shirt with roses on it.

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Aunt Sandy! For some reason, we instantly smile when we see her. (Probably because we know it's almost cocktail time?) She brings an air of quiet sophistication to the group, and her critiques of the finalists' dishes are spot-on.

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Did we or did we not call it last week? These two are just too cute. It's no wonder their team won this challenge, thanks in large part to their entertaining-focused POVs.

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Let's just say that Giada doesn't have much of a poker face — and we love that about her.

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This week's double elimination came out of nowhere. After Team Brunch landed in the bottom, it was only a matter of time until its weakest links, Toya and Nancy, said goodbye.

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