Star Report: 6 Surprising Things That Happened in the Great Outdoors

We're looking back on the most-shocking moments of Episode 4 of Food Network Star, Season 13.
Food Network Star

Guest Judges Andrew Zimmerman, Melissa d'Arabian and Host Giada de Laurentiis check in with Contestant Trace Barnett preparing his dish, Rustic Vegetable Soup served in a Grilled Pepper, for the Star Challenge Camping to Glamping, as seen on Food Network Star, Season 13.

Photo by: Eddy Chen

Eddy Chen

So, the finalists are officially out of the cozy comforts of Food Star Kitchen and knee-deep in the wilderness of Southern California. This change of scenery brings everyone around a few open-flame grills with classic campfire fixings. Also, mud. There's a lot of mud happening here. Join us as we look back on some of the most-memorable moments.

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It's no secret that Matthew didn't receive the warmest welcome by his fellow finalists. After all, no one expected a surprise 13th finalist to show up. But here he and Cory are high-fiving as if they're ol' pals. This should be interesting.

Food Network Star

Amy is one of the few finalists honest enough to ask this question out loud, but if we had to guess, we'd bet that all of them have feel just as lost and confused as she is here. This week was tough for her, not only because of her inexperience with instant potatoes, but also because Matthew takes over her presentation. But we can't help but wonder (yet again!) if she'll figure out how to step and speak for herself.

Food Network Star

Well, this was a CLOSE call. Little did Jason know when he let David taste the dessert that he was effectively poisoning him — David is allergic to peanuts, and this pudding is full of them. But, good news: David realizes it right away and quickly spit out the pudding.

Food Network Star

Even in the great outdoors Rusty managed to showcase his pro-chef moves. That's a nice one-handed flip there, sir. HOWEVER his corn cakes are a textural flop, just as the judges were concerned they'd be.

Food Network Star

There's such a thing in food television as a "princess bite," wherein the chef takes an intentionally tiny bite so as to be able to continue talking right afterwards. But it appears Matthew didn't get that memo, because this is more like a bite the Hulk would take. No judgement though. We've been there.

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This is the exact opposite of the face you want Giada (or any judge) to make after tasting your food. Oof, this soup. We don't think that Trace was ever fully confident in it, but ultimately he had to offer something, right?
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