8 Clever Ideas for Hosting a Virtual Mother's Day Party

Add a little festivity to your Zoom hang with Mom.

May 07, 2020
By: Caylin Harris
Young woman using a laptop to connect with her friends and parents during quarantine. She's having a video conference during Coronavirus COVID-19 time.


Young woman using a laptop to connect with her friends and parents during quarantine. She's having a video conference during Coronavirus COVID-19 time.

Photo by: FilippoBacci/Getty


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It definitely feels weird to not be brunching with mom on Mother’s Day this year, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t make it feel like a special occasion. While we’ve all gotten a lot more familiar with FaceTime and Zoom (have you checked out the Food Network-themed backgrounds?), celebrating shouldn’t feel the same as a remote work meeting. Here are some playful ideas that are sure to make her feel special on Sunday.

Get dressed up.

The thought of slipping into something less comfortable might feel weird at first, but getting dressed up like you would if you were attending brunch can seriously boost your spirits. Get the whole family in on it; sometimes we all just need an excuse to put on something fancy … even if we’re not leaving the house.

Order in.

Check your local restaurants for takeout and delivery options — and do it soon. Many places could have a special menu to celebrate mom, but you might have to order ahead. Don’t miss the order deadlines! The food feels a little fancier (who couldn’t use a break from home cooked meals at this point?),and even if your vitual call-mates are eating different things you can all eat at the same time and it feels special. Plus, you get the bonus of describing how tasty everything is to the rest of the group.

Eggs Benedict Casserole

Eggs Benedict Casserole

Photo by: Teri Lyn Fisher

Teri Lyn Fisher

Or sync your menus.

Get everyone on the same page with what to make for the virtual hang-out — we’ve got some of our favorite recipes here. Everyone can offer recipe suggestions and then come together to create delicious brunch or dinner menu. Make a new quiche, French toast casserole, or eggs benedict recipe and compare notes as you all enjoy the meal together.

Create a custom playlist.

Set the mood with a mix of feel-good songs or even make a playlist with all of mom’s favorites on it — services like Spotify, Apple Music or even Youtube make it easy. You can share it with all of the participants on the call and it can play in the background during your virtual hangout. Plus, the playlist can stick around for years to come like a virtual mixtape.

Photo by: Caylin Harris

Caylin Harris

Decorate a little.

So you might not have access to balloons, streamers, or a store-bought Mother’s Day banner, but you can DIY a lot more than you think. Make a mini banner out of old cloth napkins, fabric scraps, or even paper. Cut the material into squares, diamonds or triangles, and use hot glue to attach them to string or yarn, like a bunting. Write or paint a message or designs on each shape.

Now that it’s spring, you could also gather some flowers from outside and use them to decorate. Create an easy floral installation by taping fresh blooms to the wall behind you with colorful washi tape, or you can make a floral chandelier by sewing through the flower stems (with white thread or fishing line) and attaching them to an embroidery hoop.

Photo by: Caylin Harris

Caylin Harris

Add edible flowers.

Simple lemonade or a custom cocktail or mocktail feels restaurant-level fancy when you top them with edible flowers. Pick up blooms that are food-grade-only at your local farm stand or grocery store (can't find them? Pretty herbs are a great alternative.) Freeze them into ice cubes for a fun finishing touch on whatever you're drinking.

Get out the photo booth props.

Get silly with playful hats, oversized sunglasses, feather boas, or even put leftover photo booth props from past events to good use. If you’re feeling really creative, you can make your own with construction paper. A red button nose or mustache, anyone? Feel free to use the screen shot function to capture everyone’s look — and some pretty silly memories.

Create a photo slideshow.

It's so much more fun than a work presentation! Use the screen-share function to show off a little slideshow full of favorite family pictures. Pull from your digital albums or scan a few photos to create a keepsake that not only entertains mom on Mother's Day, but will be a special present for years to come.

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