Fun Ideas for the Easiest Labor Day Party Ever

Try these great ideas for a super simple Labor Day bash.

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Waffle corn dogs are a trendy snack in the Philippines and they've made their way to the US via social media. There are tons of posts all over the internet and The Kitchen team has come up with their own fantastic method for making them for a crowd.

The Filipino version of this snack is typically made in a specially shaped waffle iron but you don't need any special equipment to make this summertime treat. Put a homespun twist on them by making them in a standard waffle iron.

Another easy Labor Day party idea is to find another use for your old cupcake stand. Of course you can use a simple cupcake tower but our creative viewers are using these stands for all kinds of fun displays. One viewer from New Jersey filled mini terra cotta pots with succulents to create a centerpiece display that her guests could take home when the party is over. We used a similar cupcake tower and filled silicone cups with crushed candy, cookies and nuts to create an easy sundae bar display.

A Labor Day party isn't complete without a little fun and games. One of the hottest online trends is a spirited game of "Bottle Bowling." All you need to play are 2 pairs of clean pantyhose, 2 oranges and 7 full plastic water bottles. Line up 6 of the water bottles in two rows of 3, with the last bottle at the end. Two players each put 1 orange inside one foot of the pantyhose and then fit the pantyhose on their heads. Be sure the hose is secure because they'll be using their head to swing the orange to knock over bottles. Whoever first knocks down 3 bottles must then knock down the last bottle for the win. This goofy game will add fun and create memories with family and friends.

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