Game-Day Punch Recipes

These big-batch drink recipes are great for serving your Super Bowl crowd.
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Cosmopolitan Fizz-Punch

The Cosmopolitan, a '90s favorite, meets the '50s classic ginger ale punch in this tasty mash-up. A gorgeous frozen fruit ring keeps the punch cold long into the night. If you can't find fresh cranberries, frozen will work as well.

Get the Recipe: Cosmopolitan Fizz-Punch

Hurricane Passion Punch

This New Orleans classic warms you up no matter where you are. Don't skip the almond extract — it ties together all the ingredients and gives the drink its trademark nutty backbone.

Get the Recipe: Hurricane Passion Punch

Sangrita with a Pineapple-Lime Iceberg

When a margarita meets sangria, this fruity, potent punch ensues. The lime-pineapple iceberg melts more slowly than standard ice cubes, keeping the punch cold without diluting it.

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Grapefruit Long Island Iced Tea

Bright grapefruit takes the place of sour mix in this grown-up take on a party classic. This can be made ahead of time (minus the cola) to save time on game day.

Get the Recipe: Grapefruit Long Island Iced Tea

Slow-Cooker Hard Cider

This is the perfect make-ahead cocktail for a cold day, with the added bonus of making your house smell amazing. Add the alcohol at the very end to preserve its potency.

Get the Recipe: Slow Cooker Hard Cider