Easiest Swirl Cupcakes

This super simple technique for patriotic tri-color cupcake icing will make your treats will look so great that your guests will swear you bought them from a professional bakery!

Katie Lee shares her trick to make Swirl Cupcakes, as seen on The Kitchen, Season 17.

Fill 1 piping bag with red icing, 1 with white icing and 1 with blue icing (or 3 colors of your choice). Snip the ends of each bag and slide them all into another piping bag that's been fitted with a large star tip. Grip the top of the main bag and twist, applying pressure. Use a steady circular motion to pipe a swirl onto the top of each cupcake, going from the outside in. Not only is this a great idea for a patriotic party, but for birthdays and other holidays too!

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