Be the Star of Your Meeting with These Food Network Zoom Backgrounds

Why yes, I am competing on Chopped today, co-workers!

April 07, 2020

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If you're anything like the Food Network team, you've been spending your work-from-home days on a many a Zoom meeting lately. (Trust us, we're experts.) But are you getting bored showing off your lackluster wallpaper to your colleagues? Or maybe you're totally over having to tidy your kitchen before each meeting starts?

You're in luck. Did you know that Zoom has a fun little feature that allows you change the background behind you? Here's a tutorial in how to do it. And sure, you could set yourself up on a sunny beach or at a villa Tuscany. Or transport yourself to the moon! But you know what's more fun? Pretending you're winning over the Chopped judges after you present your brilliant dessert course.

The Food Network team had some fun playing with some FN-themed Zoom backgrounds this week, and now we're offering them for you to download too! To grab them, right click the image and open it in a new tab. And be sure to tell us about the smiles you put on your co-worker's faces.

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