3 Totally Different Ways to Make French Toast

Upgrade your French toast this weekend with these delicious riffs on the classic.

Beverly Weidner's Mini French Toast with Berries, as seen on Food Network Kitchen.

Beverly Weidner's Mini French Toast with Berries, as seen on Food Network Kitchen.

Photo by: Lauren Volo

Lauren Volo

By: Alessandra Bulow

On the rare Sunday mornings when one of my well-meaning parents would make French toast for my brother and me growing up, a couple of pieces of bread would get dipped into a barely beaten egg and slid into a skillet until browned on both sides. The result was always a lackluster cross between toast and a poorly scrambled egg — something that no amount of maple syrup could redeem.

Years later, I’ve finally begun to understand how satisfying well-prepared French toast can be thanks to the many exciting versions cooked up on the Food Network Kitchen app.

Here are three totally different (and totally delicious!) French toast recipes to try this weekend.

Challah and white bread often get top billing when it comes to making French toast, but in her Mini French Toast with Berries class, prolific food blogger Bev Weidner goes for a leftover French baguette from a Saturday night dinner. She transforms the crusty bread into dreamy French toast that’s perfect for a Sunday morning brunch thanks to an overnight soak in a special creamy mixture. Juicy fresh berries are the perfect finishing touch.

Food Network Kitchen’s French Toast Roll-Ups, as seen on Food Network.


Food Network Kitchen’s French Toast Roll-Ups, as seen on Food Network.

Photo by: Renee Comet

Renee Comet

In her Apple-Peanut Butter French Toast Roll-Ups Rolls class, FNK’s Sarah Holden stuffs it with apple and peanut butter, then rolls it up to make to make a fun and portable kid-friendly breakfast that’s showered in confectioners’ sugar. Once you master her technique, the sky’s the limit with the fillings: think bananas and strawberries, blueberries and cream cheese or savory sausage with melted Cheddar.

Cookbook author and recipe developer Justin Chapple took inspiration from Mexican tres leches cake in his Tres Leches French Toast class. He combines tres leches ("three milks") with cinnamon and a few surprising ingredients that ends up giving his dish a flavor that’s reminiscent of cinnamon buns.

Check out more French toast recipes and classes on the Food Network Kitchen app — and don’t forget the maple syrup!


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