5 Treats You Should Make for a Drive-In Movie

One cannot (and should not) watch a movie without snacks.

Food Network Kitchen’s Non-Cereal Crispy Treats.

Photo by: Matt Armendariz

Matt Armendariz

Drive-in movies are experiencing a comeback and we’re not mad about it. A night at the movies in the comfort of your car makes for a great family outing or a date with your significant other. Even better? It’s super easy to sit back and relax when you can wear your PJs and bring your own snacks (without sneaking them in through pockets or purses). These five recipes, from the sweet to the salty, are made to pack, snack and enjoy!

Non-Cereal Crispy Treats (pictured above)

You can’t really watch a movie without popcorn, right? That being said, popcorn tends to leave kernels, crumbs and a big ol’ mess all over the car, especially when it’s being shared. That’s why we suggest turning the quintessential movie snack into a crispy treat, held together with butter and melted marshmallow. It’s a delicious (and non-messy!) twist on the tried-and-true classic. Plus, if you don’t really love popcorn, it can easily be swapped for cookies, crackers or nuts.

The Best M&M Cookies

Photo by: Teri Lyn Fisher

Teri Lyn Fisher

Turn a bag of candy into an extra-special treat with our best-ever cookie recipe. A bit of extra brown sugar and plenty of candy ensures that these cookies are chewy, chocolatey and sure to satisfy. Bonus? No one will complain about the sound of crinkling candy bags!

Summer is undoubtedly s’mores season, but let’s face it — there is no good way to make a s’more on the go. Luckily, our s'mores bark is the perfect way to solve your chocolate-marshmallow-graham cracker craving without leaving behind a sticky, gooey disaster. Break up the bark in advance and pack the pieces in a cooler to avoid unwanted melting.

If you prefer your movie snacks on the sweet-and-salty side, this is the mix for you. Yogurt-covered pretzels and dried strawberries add a touch of tanginess to the mix, which is sure to keep you snacking happy through the entire movie. If you’re headed to the drive-in with kids in the car, pre-portion this for easy eating.

Photo by: Matt Armendariz

Matt Armendariz

We’re not lying — our homemade peanut butter cups are even better than the store-bought version (sorry, not sorry). Mix crushed saltines with smooth peanut butter to mimic the texture of the iconic filling, which gets enveloped in chocolate for a deliciously decadent treat.

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