5 Products from the '70s We Think Should Make a Comeback

Going to buy a bread box now!

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September 08, 2019

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Photo by: Tom Kelley Archive/Getty Images

Tom Kelley Archive/Getty Images

To put it kindly, there are plenty of trends that are best left in the ‘70s (we’re lookin’ at you, Jello molds!). But we do think there are some retro kitchenware items that came into popularity during this decade that could re-enter the spotlight. Trust us, if you have a bread box, bundt pan or one of the many forgotten appliances we’ve listed below hiding in your kitchen, it’s time to bring them back out! Don’t worry if you got rid of them, though — luckily for us, you can also find these products in a more modern style these days (no brown or burnt orange in sight!).

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Bread box on white


Bread box on white

Photo by: pattonmania/Getty Images

pattonmania/Getty Images

Bread Boxes

Storing bread is always a hassle — sure you can freeze it, but unless you’re planning on making toast, the defrosting process is a bit of a pain. And if you leave it in the paper bag, odds are you’ll have stale or moldy bread within a few days. That’s why the bread box is such a brilliant concept. By maintaining the moisture levels your bread needs to keep it’s ideal texture, you get to enjoy the fluffy interior and crisp exterior of a perfectly baked loaf of bread so much longer. Sure, these take up more space on your counter. But we think having delicious bread on hand at all times is worth that sacrifice.

Close up of a bundt cake pan on a white background with shadows.


Close up of a bundt cake pan on a white background with shadows.

Photo by: AnthonyRosenberg/Getty Images

AnthonyRosenberg/Getty Images

Bundt Pans

We’re definitely not suggesting you fill your bundt pan with some type of horrifying Jell-o recipe (that’s a trend we’ve said goodbye to for good). But there are many uses for bundt pans that make this tool more relevant now than ever. Whether you’re making yourself a delicious Blueberry Buttermilk Bundt Cake or roasting a chicken, we think it’s worth a revisit.


Photo by: Tom Kelley Archive/Getty Images

Tom Kelley Archive/Getty Images

Fondue Pots

We can’t fathom a world where a vat of gooey, melted cheese isn’t seen as an essential in the kitchen. Whether you’re dedicating a whole meal to dipping bread and veggies or just want to pull it out as an appetizer, it’s time we show this forgotten gadget some love.

old electrical waffles.


old electrical waffles.

Photo by: FabioFilzi/Getty Images

FabioFilzi/Getty Images

Waffle Makers

Waffles certainly haven’t lost popularity since the ‘70s, but it seems like the desire to have the ability to make them in your house has. Whip out that old waffle maker (or grab a new one), so you can stop overspending on going out to brunch every weekend!

Vintage electric kitchen knife isolated on white


Vintage electric kitchen knife isolated on white

Photo by: pbombaert/Getty Images

pbombaert/Getty Images

Electric Knives

Anything that makes a kitchen task easier gets a big thumbs up for us. Sure, these might not be the most sturdy or sharpest knives on the market, but the idea was certainly in the right place. Come Thanksgiving time, you’re going to wish someone had come up with a perfected version of this classic.

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