7 Foods We’d Never Think To Cover in Chocolate

From chocolate-covered whole jalapenos to pork rolls, these treats are definitely a little out there.

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December 27, 2022

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From typical strawberries, pretzels and nuts to more unique potato chips and orange peels, most things coated in chocolate are delicious. The following list of products fall into the latter category – and may even make you do a double take. Some of these chocolate treats sound like they must be April Fool’s pranks, but I assure you, they are real. And, despite scratching our heads, we’re itching to try them – but also wondering who thought of them in the first place?

Chocolate pairs well with heat, but something about having a whole chocolate-covered jalapeno feels ... more extreme. But that doesn’t mean we’re not willing to bite. The peppers even stay crunchy beneath the layer of white, milk or dark Belgian chocolate.

This is one of those "Why does this exist?" products. Luckily for us, there is an answer to that question. According to Mueller Chocolate’s website, the shop created the chocolate-covered skin-on onion in 1982 by request: comedian Bob Nelson wanted them for his show Double Muppet Hold the Onions. The product has been sold mostly as a prank but has become an iconic Philadelphia food.

As a North New-Jersey native, I first need to say that I strongly object to this being called a pork roll. Chocolate-covered or not, it will always be Taylor Ham. Second of all: chocolate on ham certainly isn’t the first condiment that comes to mind to pair with the deli meat. But that honestly wouldn’t be the weirdest thing to come out of New Jersey.

Anticipating most consumers’ confusion upon seeing Van Holten’s milk-chocolate-coated Nacho Cheese Doritos, the company tells us in advance not to "ask why" they created the product but to "just enjoy." They also sell a dark-chocolate version with Sweet Chili Doritos.


Sprinkles up the ante on these chocolate-coated cheese puffs. These bright orange snacks are dunked in milk, dark or white chocolate to form something that looks like a ’90s mad genius kid-concocted mash up.

Sweet G Garlic specializes in making garlic snackable and the reviews for this product are all around positive so you know what? Why not give dark chocolate-coated black garlic a try?


This product fits in perfectly with the other salty-sweet items on this list. These pork rinds are air-fried, then coated in dark, milk or white chocolate. The rinds also come in dark chocolate chili and milk chocolate chili flavors.

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