White Claw Cupcakes are the Ultimate Summer Dessert

Yes, we’re mind blown, too.

July 01, 2020

Food Network Kitchen’s White Claw Black Cherry Cupcakes.

Photo by: Matt


We all love a good White Claw – whether it’s one of the originals, lower-ABV or in the form of a made-for-summer slushie. The hard seltzer shines as a beverage. But did you know it can also double as a star cupcake ingredient?

That’s right, folks. Not only can you sip on some of the best White Claw flavors, but you can also bite into them.

Food Network Kitchen’s White Claw Black Cherry Cupcakes recipe is almost as easy as popping open a can. All you need are six ingredients and just one 12-ounce can of the hard seltzer – so you can save the rest of the pack for sipping. The cupcakes come together in just under an hour and only require some doctoring up of red velvet box cake mix. A portion of the White Claw is poured into the cake batter itself, and the remainder of the can is simmered down with cherry jam to make a filling. This way, you’re getting that White Claw flavor in every bite. And of course, the cupcakes are topped with maraschino cherries.

Food Network Kitchen’s White Claw Lime Cupcakes.

Photo by: Matt


As if this was already too good to be true, Food Network Kitchen also developed a White Claw Lime Cupcakes recipe for those who lean citrus – or just want to add more to their cupcake stands. The recipe calls for a box of super moist vanilla cake mix, and rather than cherry jam, packs each cupcake with lime seltzer-spiked lemon curd.

We never thought we’d be taking our White Claws in cake, but we can’t imagine a better treat to bite into alongside an ice-cold can of our favorite flavor. Whip these up for your next backyard feast!

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