15 Gooey Gifts for the Cheese Lover in Your Life

These gifts are as satisfying as a cheese pull.

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October 27, 2020
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Everyone knows someone who is obsessed with cheese — and, no, we don’t mean someone who hangs out by the charcuterie board at any party. Chances are, you have a family member, friend or colleague who has multiple varieties in their fridge at all times, can devour a cheese board solo, and can rattle off the differences between manchego and mozzarella in the drop of a hat.

So, what better way to celebrate your favorite cheese lover with an ooey, gooey gift? Turns out, there are more options than a wedge of their favorite varietal. From fondue sets to cheese board accoutrements, and everything in between, these unique presents are just as satisfying as an extra-long cheese pull.


Unlike your favorite cheesemonger, most people have a hard time telling the difference between asiago and Parmesan. Thanks to these wooden markers from the Minus Store, they can create a beautiful, confusion-free cheese board.

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Who wouldn’t love to have creamy, melted cheese on demand? Cuisinart’s electric fondue maker will offer an easy, effortless way to enjoy melted cheese — anytime, anywhere. This set comes with eight fondue forks, making it the perfect thing to whip out at a fancy dinner party. (Don’t worry: Since you got them this machine, you’ll definitely receive an invitation.)

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Just because your loved one is obsessed with cheese doesn’t mean they’ve mastered the art of the board. Marissa Mullen makes gorgeous arrangements on her popular Instagram account, @ThatCheesePlate. Fortunately, she breaks down all of her secrets in her popular book, That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life. Your favorite cheese lover will be churning out gorgeous spreads in no time.

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When in doubt, you can always treat your special someone to a huge amount of cheese. This set from Plymouth Artisan Cheese comes with three delicious varieties: Black Truffle Cheddar Cheese, Ballyhoo Brie and East Meadow Cheddar Cheese. (Admit it: You’re drooling at this winning combination.) Artisanal retailer Mouth will ship this package directly to your recipient, so you can trust that it will arrive at their doorstep fresh.

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Very few things can ruin your recipient's day than having cheese in their refrigerator that’s past its prime. While cocooning their precious slices in saran wrap might seem like the obvious solution, it can actually result in the cheese aging faster. Fortunately, CapaBunga’s reusable Cheese Vaults will let their dairy breathe, remove excess moisture, and keep those little slices of heaven fresher for longer.

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Wine and cheese are an unbeatable duo; however, figuring out the right combination can be easier said than done. If your cheese connoisseur wants to get a little creative, they’ll love this set of dice JoJo Fletcher designed with Two Tumbleweeds. Simply roll the set and these wooden cubes will serve up an interesting pairing.

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Of course, cheese comes in more than one form. If you want to get your loved one a delicious snack — but don’t want to settle for a typical wedge — this white cheddar popcorn from Pops Kernel will not disappoint. (Psst ... the hint of ranch will add an extra kick to this bag.)

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If they’re just dipping their toes into the ooey, gooey world of cheese, why not treat them to this serving set from Brooklyn Slate? With a wooden knife, slate cheese board and soapstone chalk to label all the flavors, this pick has everything you need for a delicious spread.

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Who doesn’t love queso? Consider Fineapple’s Vegan Liquid Gold a great fit for anyone who loves cheese sauce, but doesn’t want to jeopardize their New Year’s resolution. Fineapple Vegan uses coconut milk, onions, garlic and peppers to make this dairy-free sauce taste like the real deal.

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Most cheese fans love to sprinkle a little dairy goodness on anything and everything: pasta, salads, sandwiches, chicken, chili … shall we go on? (Oh, we could.) This grater from CB2 features two different hole sizes, your recipient can shave their cheese to perfection. Best of all? This grater is stylish enough to double as a piece of art when idle.

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Did you know macaroni and cheese is America’s most popular cheese dish? Give your special someone’s helping a personal touch with this customized spoon. Since a bowl of macaroni and cheese has their name on it, they won’t feel bad going in for seconds.

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As far as we’re concerned, this cheese themed tea towel is the gift that keeps giving. Not only does it give a convenient place for them to wipe their hands or salt brine from their freshly mozzarella, but it also offers a fun way to test their cheese knowledge.

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Why make grilled cheese on the stovetop when you buy them their very own toaster? This old-fashioned option from Nostalgia makes whipping up a gooey sandwich as easy as inserting two slices of bread and some cheese into the designated baskets. Taking a walk down memory lane has never tasted so good.

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For some foodies, cheese is a lot more than a delicious snack; it’s an artform. If your special someone takes their cheese very seriously, they can jot down all their tasting notes in these special journals.

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Want to show that special someone you love them more than gouda, brie and mozzarella combined? Give them this adorable friendship bracelet from the Dreaming Buddha. (Bonus points if you buy yourself one to match.) With durable cord string and mini wheel reimagined in Tibetan silver, this friendship bracelet is cheesy in all the right ways.

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