11 Uses for a Potato Masher

Move over, russets. This old-fashioned gadget will more than earn its keep when you put it to use on the stovetop, counter, mixing bowl and more. Potatoes are just the beginning.

Photo By: Matt Armendariz

Photo By: Matt Armendariz

Photo By: Matt Armendariz

Photo By: Matt Armendariz

Photo By: Matt Armendariz

Photo By: Matt Armendariz

Photo By: Matt Armendariz

Photo By: Matt Armendariz

Photo By: Matt Armendariz

Photo By: Matt Armendariz

Photo By: Matt Armendariz

Photo By: Matt Armendariz

Mash Notes

Whether you have a curvy wire model or an updated waffle-head disc with holes, a potato masher by design is made for pressing and combining. Lots of other foods benefit from this treatment too.

Guacamole Maker

Put the kids to work while you prep the onions, garlic and chiles. A potato masher helps turn creamy avocado into everyone's favorite dip.

Punch Muddler

It's the fresh fruit juices that make sangria so refreshing. Rather than struggling with a long-handled spoon in a deep pitcher, use a masher to gently press down on the apples, citrus or berries.

Pasta Stirrer

The best defense against stuck-together spaghetti isn't lots of oil in the boiling water. It's occasionally stirring while it cooks to separate the strands. You can use a potato masher to agitate the pasta and keep it clump-free.

Apple Saucer

The magic of applesauce is that you need only one ingredient (well, two if you count water). Stew cut-up apples with a little water on the stovetop until tender. A few turns with a potato masher renders them soft and smooth. A sprinkle of cinnamon is optional. Try this trick when you want to break down refried beans and canned tomatoes, too.

Potato Smasher

We said smash, not mash. For crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside fingerling and baby potatoes, boil them until tender, drain, return them to the pot with butter, flatten them with a masher and cook until browned. A sprinkle of fresh herbs at the end is nice.

Pastry Blender

Work cold butter into flour and sugar with a masher for even distribution, aka your ticket to light, flaky pie dough and biscuits.

Sauerkraut Press

Making sauerkraut is the perfect starter project for the fermentation fan because there's practically nothing to do, other than checking the cabbage and making sure it remains covered in brine. A potato masher is just the tool for pushing down on the kraut to keep it submerged.

Cookie Crumbler

Where would we be without graham cracker crusts? Our key lime pies, lemon meringues and cheesecakes just wouldn't be the same. Make quick work of crushing cookies and chocolate wafers by placing them in a large resealable plastic bag and whacking them with a masher.

Cookie Embosser

Add a decorative touch to rolled and pressed cookies by embossing the tops with the pattern of your masher.

Whipped Cream Shaker

When you can't find your whisk, make do with your potato masher. Your wrist will get a workout, but soft peaks are within reach.

Meatloaf Mixer

Squeamish cooks can avoid immersing their hands in raw meat by using a masher to work breadcrumbs, eggs, onions and seasoning into their ground mix.

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