35 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

Whether they prefer a bottle of red or a sip of sparkling, these are the best gifts for wine lovers.

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November 15, 2022

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Whether you enjoy a glass with dinner or a bottle after a long week, there’s a wine to satisfy every palate and personality. But if you’ve got a friend, family member, lover, or coworker who can’t get enough of the luxurious libation, consider these wine-inspired tools, fashion pieces, novelty items, and accessories as perfect gifts for the holidays. In fact, they’re almost as good as wine itself.

Check out 35 of our favorite gifts for wine lovers, so you can get a head start fleshing out that Nice List.


This clever necklace provides an ever-so-subtle nod to the grape-based bev with a chain-link pour and bottle and glass pendants.

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This stone cold marble wine chiller from CB2, boasts timeless beauty as it cools your favorite bottle during a mid-week happy hour. Use it for bar cart storage when it’s not being used at your next dinner party.

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Whether you’re pouring a white, red, or anything in between, this eight-piece set of glasses has got you covered. They’re also dishwasher-safe and boast a lifetime warranty, so there really is no reason why they’re not already in your cabinet.

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Be the winemaker and/or grower you always wanted to be, but without the stress and hassle of owning an actual vineyard. The Viticulture board game will test your wine and business knowledge so you can gain bragging rights among your fellow wine-loving friends. Enjoy with wine, of course, to make the experience go full meta.

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These hand-blown flutes add a gorgeous iridescent sheen to any sparkling bev. They’re also just fun to drink out of and we’ll take anything that isn’t the tragedy of a Solo cup.

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If that Viticulture board game doesn’t satisfy your desire to be a winemaker, you can concoct your own batch at home with this pinot grigio wine making kit. Of course, this may inspire a gift recipient to start their own vineyard, so make it very clear that you bear no responsibility in their new business endeavor.

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Cheese and wine go together like wine charms and wine, so it only makes sense to morph the two into a set of cheese wine charms that are the perfect conversation starters at any soiree. Be sure to set out actual cheese, though, or your guests will leave disappointed.

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While it serves as a chiller, aerator, pourer, and stopper, the primary draw of this award-winning Corkcicle device is that it’s just fun to use. Simply stick it in your favorite bottle like a dagger to the heart and let it work its magic.

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Elegant, simple, and just plain classy, this West Elm glass decanter with a wood stopper will sit pretty on any shelf, kitchen counter, or dresser. In fact, it’s almost too pretty to pour wine into (but that’s not stopping us).

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Stuff your stocking with an actual wine stocking fit for any wine queen who demands a personal sommelier. You may want to forewarn their significant other ahead of time, though, since they’ll be the ones performing the manual labor.

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Don’t be sour grapes — the life of your favorite bottle can be preserved and extended with a VacuVin. The handy tool slows down the oxidation process by extracting the air from the opened bottle. It then reseals it with a reusable rubber stopper. Magic? Not quite. Impressive? You bet.

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A day of drinking can also be stylish, especially during a fall picnic or winter outing where temperatures are low, but moods are high. This sherpa double wine bag is as functional as it is adorable, making it a wine-time must-have for the holidays.

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Channel your inner somm with this professional corkscrew that you’ll find in high-end restaurants around the world. Once you master it, you’ll also be able to impress your friends while using it, which is always a win-win.

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Give your wrists a break with this eight-piece set featuring an electric bottle opener that uncorks with the press of a button. This is a rare instance where the benefit is the same as the drawback: It’s entirely too easy to open a bottle of wine at a moment’s notice.

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Finesse your cooking skills with the help of Dana Frank’s cookbook, which delves into wine’s relationship with food. And if you’re lucky, you may just end up with an extra delicious meal without the hangover.

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It’s always wine-o-clock somewhere and tasks like showering are not going to stand in the way of you and your adult beverage. This is a bath time essential, complete only with jazz music, candles, and anything to wash off the stench of an annoyingly long and busy week.

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Treat your bottle collection like living art by incorporating it into this mounted rack. It may not deserve a spot in the Louvre, but we have a feeling you’ll appreciate it a lot more than the Mona Lisa.

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These stemless glasses are bar cart must-haves with their ability to make your wine taste smoother and silkier. It’s also entirely too much fun to see the wine filter through the center contraption, making it a perfect gift for anyone who’s easily entertained.

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If you won’t find your name in lights, this is the next best thing with an LED neon wine and glass sign that will light up any room and any smile it induces.

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You’re going to need a surface to set your drink on and these clever and witty coasters take the overdone “Live, Laugh, Love” sentiment to greater heights.

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Sometimes wine smells as good as it tastes, which is especially the case with these wine-scented candles that are poured into actual half wine bottles.

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This graphic tee says “I love wine” in a cozy, classic way, making it your new favorite wardrobe staple.

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Sulfites and histamines begone with this handy wine purifier that will remove artificial preservatives without altering your wine’s chemistry. This means potentially less severe headaches in the a.m. when you’re reaching for that bottle of Tylenol in the nightstand.

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You’ll be such a gem after giving this trendy set of amethyst and rose quartz wine stoppers to a bottle-opening bestie. In fact, they may even invite you over for a glass as a thank you. (Honestly, it’s the least they can do.)

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Enhance your proteins and veggies with a pinot noir-infused salt because apparently wine’s complexity is the answer to all of life’s problems.

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Frankly, one glass is never enough, but there is a guilt associated with sipping straight from the bottle (whomp, whomp). Now you can camouflage your preferred serving size by pouring a bottle directly into this big boy and enjoying a night on the couch with pizza and a onesie, sans judgment. Cheers!

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Sometimes it’s easiest to just gift someone an entire gift basket of wine and wine-adjacent treats and Harry & David’s Sommeliers Choice option has everything a wine lover needs with cookies, cheese spread, olives, crackers, and, of course, two bottles of the good stuff.

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If a friend or colleague is always searching for their next favorite bottle, consider a Winc wine subscription that starts at four bottles/month. It’s a wonderful way to taste vino from regions you may not have even considered, which supports small businesses in the most scrumptious way possible.

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Accidents happen and sometimes they come in the form of red wine all over a brand-new rug or couch. Before sending your houseguest a bill for the damages, opt for a bottle of Wine Away to remedy the unfortunate situation. Be sure to also pick your jaw off the floor after you see it power through even the toughest of stains.

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Sipping a glass of Merlot at a rooftop dinner date: cute. Purple lips, teeth, and tongue: not so cute. Pearly Wipes save the day — err — date with a wine stain-fighting formula that will give back your perfect smile in no time.

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Elevate your wine with ice for a refreshing and summertime departure from the norm. Frose, Sangria, and Strawberry Basil Lemonade round out the canister trio that will have your friends thinking you’re a master mixologist and not just an amateur bartender who only knows how to open and pour a bottle.

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You don’t have to be a House of the Dragon watcher to appreciate guzzling from an oversized, ornate drinking vessel. This chalice will make you feel like wine royalty, but you’ll obviously want to avoid any family feuds.

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French oak is an undeniable splurge, but a necessary one…at least when it comes to these adorable bottle-shaped serving boards that demand the fruit, cured meats, and cheeses. It’s a wonderful gift for the wine-lover who presumably has it all. (They don’t.)

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If you’ve got bottles aplenty but little storage space, now may be the time to invest in a wine fridge to keep that vino organized and fresh. And at less than $400, this sleek Home Depot model will more than pay for itself with adjustable racks so you can store more than just your favorite beverage.

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