Ninja's New Cookware Set Has Replaced All My Pots and Pans

Consider them a nonstick, stainless steel and cast iron in one!

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October 07, 2020

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Photo by: Ninja


While we like to think it’s impossible to classify any kitchen tool as more important than the next, it’s safe to say that most cooking simply can’t be done without a good set of pots and pans. They’re a must-buy for new homeowners or renters when shopping for essentials, but finding a set that offers quality and performance at an affordable price can be difficult, to say the least. Not to mention you'll want to take into consideration size, material and any add-ons like a cast-iron skillet. That’s why, when I got the chance to try out the new Ninja Foodi Neverstick cookware, which promises to sear like stainless steel, handle a 500-degree oven like cast iron and ensures a lifetime of nonstick capabilities and is dishwasher-safe, I was beyond eager to get cooking. Here's what I thought after a test-run.

The 10-Piece Set Has Everything You Need

I tested the 10-piece set, which comes with both 8-inch and 10.25-inch fry pans, a 1.5-quart saucepan with a glass lid, a 2.5-quart saucepan with a glass lid, a 3-quart sauté pan with a glass lid and a 6.5-quart stock pot with a glass lid. Right away, I could tell that this set could replace every pan that I currently have in my kitchen.

I am not usually one for cooking steak indoors, but I was impressed with how evenly the meat was cooked without feeling like I was scorching my pan in the process. I also cooked brandied mushrooms in the sauté pan and was found it to be easy to deglaze, leaving almost no scraps stuck to the pan when serving.

Plus, they were beyond easy to clean. When preparing the meal, I loved how easy it was to wipe the pans clean in between uses, quickly switching from searing steak to cooking down spinach.

Photo by: Ninja


It's Sturdy Construction

When we've tested stainless-steel and nonstick pans in the past, we took note of the weight and balance of each pan, and for me, it was the first thing I noticed about Ninja’s set. It’s easy to understand how this pan can function as a cast iron, stainless steel and nonstick based on the weight and shape of the pans. According to the brand, this set of cookware has 30% more aluminum compared to earlier models, thickening the base while keeping the sides thin. According to Ninja, this helps the pan heat more evenly for perfect browning, searing and deglazing, which I found held true.

The stainless steel handles are comfortable and feel secure. Though I have only used my pans for a couple of months, I already feel more confident that they won’t come loose over time.

Coated in a hard-anodized exterior, both the 8-inch and 10 1/4-inch fry pans were well-balanced to handle delicate tasks like sauteeing spinach and heftier goals like searing a steak.

Unlike other nonstick cookware, this set is designed to withstand metal utensils including spatulas, spoons, whisks and tongs without risk of scratching or ruining the nonstick finish. The only appliances Ninja recommends you avoid with this cookware are knives (it’s never safe to cut your food while it’s still in the pan), forks or electric mixers, as these can damage the nonstick finish.

It Checks a Lot Of Safety Boxes

If you’re worried about chemicals in your cookware, rest assured that most nonstick is made without teflon (PFOA) these days. This Ninja set is PFOA-, PFAS-, cadmium- and lead-free.

If you're worried about safety when cooking, Ninja recommends using caution when grabbing the handles while preparing food on the stove. I found that when cooking for an extended period of time or at high-heat such as when cooking the steak, the handles did become a little hot to the touch. Of course, when cooking in the oven, the handles will be hot and should not be grabbed without an oven mitt.

Photo by: Ninja


Who Is This Set Great For

While I am a fan of each pan individually, Ninja is currently only offering this line in a set with the exception of the 8-inch and 10.25-inch fry pans, which can be bought individually in-store. Since this set has many benefits of stainless steel, nonstick and cast iron, it’s a great set for anyone who is looking for a complete refresh or is moving into a new home for the first time (college students and recent-grads, we’re looking at you!). It’s an easy-to-use, simply-to-clean line of cookware that we think is a great match for home cooks at any level.

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