8 Baking Myths That Need to Be Busted Right Now

Professional baker Lorraine Pascale is here to separate fact from fiction, once and for all.

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Myth: Baking is difficult!

Fact: It really is easy if you have a good recipe.

Myth: Weighing ingredients takes too much time.

Fact: It really only takes a moment and is fun to do.

Myth: You can freestyle with ingredients when baking.

Fact: Baking is unlike cooking, and each ingredient needs to be what it says in the recipe — otherwise things may not work out. It is always best to stick to the recipe.

Myth: You can use any pan you like to bake.

Fact: If a recipe says to use a 9-inch round pan, you can't just use a 9-inch square pan instead. Not a good idea! The recipe would have to be adjusted, as the quantities are not the same, so always stick to the pan that the recipe says.

Myth: The kinds of sugar don't matter.

Fact: If a recipe says use glucose, you can't just use corn syrup. These two things are very different and one cannot be substituted for the other.

Myth: Ovens don't need to be preheated.

Fact: Yes, they do — always. It can take up to 30 minutes for older ovens to come up to the right temperature, so make sure that the oven is preheated before use.

Myth: It's OK to open the oven door for a long time while the cake bakes.

Fact: Doing so may cause your cake to sink. It really does matter.

Myth: Flour never goes bad.

Fact: Flour has a sell-by date, so always check to make sure that it is still good.