Pancakes, Your Way

Make 'em just as you like 'em: Choose from four favorite styles.

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Photo By: Steve Giralt

Photo By: Charles Masters

Photo By: Charles Masters

Photo By: Charles Masters

Photo By: Charles Masters

Personalized Pancakes

What's your personal pancake style: thick or thin? Multigrain or diner-style? Find out how to make your favorite and then have fun with the toppings!

Photographs by Charles Masters

(The pancakes pictured above were featured on the cover of the April 2015 issue. Photograph by Steve Giralt)


Whipped egg whites make these pancakes light in texture and give them extra height.

To make the pancakes on the cover, add chocolate chips to the batter; top with strawberries and more chocolate chips.

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Thin and Lacy    

There are no leavening ingredients in these pancakes, so they stay super thin and flat, like a crepe.

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Buttermilk adds moisture and tangy flavor to these pancakes; baking soda helps with even browning. 

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Multigrain pancakes can be dense and heavy, but these aren't: The yogurt keeps them light and moist without adding a lot of fat. 

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