How to Make Incredibly Cute Eclair Bears

Get creative with candy to turn plain eclairs into the sweetest bear-shaped treats.

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Photo By: Jackie Alpers

Photo By: Jackie Alpers

Photo By: Jackie Alpers

Photo By: Jackie Alpers

Photo By: Jackie Alpers

Photo By: Jackie Alpers

Photo By: Jackie Alpers

Photo By: Jackie Alpers

Eclair Bears

When is a bear not just a bear? When it’s also an eclair. An eclair bear that is.

Start with this eclair recipe from Food Network Kitchen, then build your bears from there. Here’s how to make a polar bear, panda, grizzly bear, and even a pink teddy bear.

Sweet Toppings

The topping ingredients to build the bears are easy to find at your local grocery or dollar store.

Start with a Sugar Glaze

After filling the eclairs, dip them in different glazes to get the various types of "fur" to stick. Use colored candy melts for the teddy bear (we used pink), an easy un-tinted confectioner’s sugar glaze from this recipe for the grizzly and polar bears, and melted white chocolate for the panda. Then, dip them in the fur coating while they’re still wet, then let them harden completely before decorating further; 15 minutes in the refrigerator does the trick.

Make Grizzly Bear Fur

Any whole grain shredded wheat cereal will do the trick for the grizzly bear’s fur. Seal the cereal in a plastic bag and gently smash it with a wooden mallet, then pour the bits into a shallow bowl and dip the confectioner’s glazed eclair in it.

Build a Grizzly Bear Eclair

After the cereal-coated glaze sets in the fridge, attach the bear parts with a dab of cookie icing. Here, the grizzly’s ears are Multi Grain Cheerios; eyes are Wilton Candy Eyeballs; Mini Oreo halves are used for the snoot and paws. Press slivered almonds into the soft Oreo cream for the bear claws. A single Nestle Buncha Crunch bit serves as the nose.

Build a Polar Bear Eclair

Use the same confectioner’s glaze for the polar bear, but dip him in shredded coconut instead. The ears and eyes are the same as the grizzly, but break a piece of frosted mini shredded wheat cereal in half for the paws and a white, mint M&M for the snoot, accented with black Wilton Sparkle Gel.

Build a Panda Bear Eclair

Our panda is dipped in white chocolate. Use kitchen shears to cut the face and paws from a blueberry fruit leather, then attach them with a drop of white cookie icing that is also used for the whites of his eyes. The ears are white Necco Wafers pushed into the opening that we used to fill the eclairs with cream.

Build a Pink Teddy Bear Eclair

After dipping the teddy bear in pink candy melts, sprinkle him with sparkly pink sanding sugar for extra flair. Cut pink jelly beans in half to make his paws. Attach half of a black jelly bean to an orange Necco Wafer for the nose, cut the other half of the jelly bean in half again for the mouth — you could also draw his mouth on with cookie icing.

The ears are pink Necco Wafers, the eyes are mini M&Ms and the heart is candy. Like the rest of his eclair bear friends, this teddy bear is entirely edible — but almost too cute to eat.

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