Cutest-Ever Animal Cupcakes

Entice animal lovers with a zoo full of cute and creative cupcakes, from candy-coated clownfish to sparkly sea turtles.

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Baby Chick Cupcakes

These fuzzy peepers only look fancy — gumdrops and candied fruit slices fill out their wings, faces and feet.

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Elephant Cupcakes

With ears and trunks snipped from gummy candies, a sparkly elephant stampede will come together with surprisingly little effort and won't soon be forgotten.

Get the Recipe: Elephant Cupcakes

Frog Cupcakes

These sugar-coated amphibians would be a welcome guest at a wildlife-themed birthday party, and depending on your mood, you can leave out the flies — or add a few more.

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Clownfish Cupcakes

This swimmingly sweet treat is the perfect choice for a fish tank enthusiast, complete with malted milk ball eyes.

Get the Recipe: Clown Fish Cupcakes

Owl Cupcakes

Whoooo is in the mood for dessert? Owl-topped cupcakes that stare back at you are a hoot. If you prefer snowy owls, use vanilla frosting in place of chocolate.

Get the Recipe: Owl Cupcakes

Turtle Cupcakes

Enhance your aquatic-themed party with these candy-shelled sea turtles. They won't bite, but you might!

Get the Recipe: Turtle Cupcakes

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