Recipe courtesy of Patsy Kay Garcia

Pineapple Burgers

When I got married, 30 years ago, my husband was in the military and these were all the ingredients I had available at the time. I just put them together, and they have been a family favorite ever since. In the winter, I make them in the broiler in the oven.
  • Yield: 8 burgers
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1 pound ground sirloin

8 pineapple slices, canned or fresh

8 hamburger buns

pineapple juice from can or fresh pineapple

1 cup ketchup

1/4 cup barbeque sauce

salt and pepper


  1. Divide ground sirloin into eight 1/2" balls and eight patties. Place patties on grill and add sauce on each pattie, grill for a couple of minutes turn over add more sauce. Put one ground sirloin ball into each hole in pineapple slices. Place on grill, add sauce, and grill a couple minutes more before turning over and adding more sauce. Place buns on grill to warm. Place one pattie and one pineapple slice between two buns and serve.
  2. Sauce: in saucepan over medium heat, add ketchup, barbeque sauce and pineapple juice and bring to boil.
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