Meet the Chefs Competing on Big Restaurant Bet

These chefs are competing for the chance to partner with Geoffrey Zakarian to gain an investment of $250,000 and start the restaurant of their dreams.

8 Hopeful Contenders

Mariana Alvarado, Founder of Masazul (Las Vegas)

Demetrius Baxter, Owner/Operator, Chef Demetrius LLC (Phoenix)

Leo Davila, Chef/Owner, Stixs & Stone (San Antonio)

Coby Farrow, Chef/Partner (Burlington, NJ)

Torrece “Chef T” Gregoire, Owner of Chef T Culinary Concepts (Draper, VA)

Jesa Henneberry, Consultant & Private Chef (Westfield, NJ)

Brett Vibber, Caterer/Consultant, Wild Arizona Cuisine (Arizona)

Alicia Watson, Chef/Owner and Plant-Based Entrepreneur, Vito and Vera (Little Rock, AR)