About the Show

World-famous pastry chef and chocolatier extraordinaire Jacques Torres explores the fascinating and sensual world of chocolate. Journey with Jacques through the United States and France as he searches for the ultimate chocolate creations, made by some of the world's top chocolate artisans. Then Jacques will teach you the inside tips and techniques so you can make your own sumptuous chocolate desserts, as well as soaring sculptures and pieces of edible art, all out of chocolate.

Chocolate Cookie Jars

Las Vegas Centerpiece

Easy Chocolate Centerpiece

Chocolate Mousse

Liberty Chocolates

Chocolate Game Board

Fruit Jewels (Pate De Fruit)

Brick Red Raspberry Hearts

Gelatin Molded Champagne Bottle

Nougat Montilimar

Jacques' Chocolate Mudslide Cookie

Mexican Totem

Chocolate Candle Place Settings

Chocolate Moon Dessert

Hearts of Passion

Do It Yourself Chocolate Sculpture

Chocolate Tree


Chocolate Cornucopia

Chocolate Frame

Chocolate Lollipops

Eiffel Tower

Chocolate Macaroons

Chocolate Lollipops

Savory Chocolate Napoleon

Esterel Cake

Chocolate Spiral Cookies