Season 5, Episode 5

$50,000 Tournament: Part 1

Bring on the Champions for the $50,000 prize! Four previous winners return to compete in the first leg of an extraordinary, five-part Chopped event. A repeat win will mean a berth in the Grand Finale competition with $50,000 at stake! But when the champs discover Rocky Mountain oysters in the appetizer basket, it looks like things might get off to a bumpy start. Then in the Entrée Round, when one chef seems overly worried about cooking fish and one chef makes a careless mistake with herbs, the judges wonder if the big money on the line is taking no small toll on the competitors' nerves. And when the finalists open the dessert baskets to find sticky candy bars and potatoes, creative ideas do come to mind, but will their sugary spuds be sweet gems or duds?
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