About the Show

Ming Tsai is a new style of chef creating cutting-edge American cuisine. His original yet accessible recipes are based on superb pairings of basic flavors from Western and Eastern traditions.

Tempura Coconut Shrimp

Spicy Rock Shrimp with Preserved Vegetables and Toasted Couscous

Tea Smoked Salmon and Upland Cress Sandwiches

8 Spiced Pot Roast with Roasted Vegetables and Garlic Fingerling Potatoes

East Lightens Osso Buco Oven Roasted Monk Fish 'Osso Buco' with Herb Whipped Potatoes

Red Roast Pork with Shanghai Cabbage (Dad)

Coconut Peanut Bowl with Chicken

Scallion Pancakes with Ginger Dipping Sauce

Mixed Seafood Salad with Fresh Wasabi Vinaigrette

Salt Baked Chickens with Spring Vegetable and Mushroom Ragout

Fresh Ginger Fruit Salad

Spinach and Shiitake Lasagne with Caramelized Garlic-Basil Sauce

Mongolian Beef Sandwiches with Black Bean Aioli

Bbq Chipotle

Jerk Pork Loin with Amy's Chorizo Fried Rice Jicama Slaw and Fresh Orange Syrup

Twice Cooked Duck

Turkey Herb Soup with Corn Stuffing Fritters

Steamed Vegetarian Tofu Roll with Soy-Sambal Chutney

Soy Syrup

Sam's Moi Luau

Pizza Carbonara

About the Host

Ming Tsai

Ming Tsai is the James Beard Award-winning chef/owner of Blue Dragon in Massachusetts and his latest venture BABA at the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana. An Emmy Award-winner, Ming hosts PBS-TV's Simply Ming, now in its seventeenth season. Ming is the author of five cookbooks: Blue Ginger: East Meets West Cooking with Ming Tsai, Simply Ming, Ming's Master Recipes, Simply Ming One-Pot Meals and Simply Ming In Your Kitchen. Ming supports many charities including Family Reach, a non-profit whose mission is to provide financial relief and support to families fighting cancer, of which he is currently the Chairman of the National Advisory Board.