Season 4, Episode 4

Book Club Dinner

Michael may not read anything but cookbooks, but he's on hand to help a friend put together a Book Club dinner. Easy foods that can be eaten around a coffee table with one hand on the food and the other on the books. It’s a classic!

Day Before Party:

  • Mix dough for Shortbread, place in refrigerator.

  • Season and poach the salmon for the Smoked Salmon Rilettes, place in refrigerator to cool.

  • Roll out chilled Shortbread dough, cut into squares and bake.

  • Break up chilled poached salmon and mix with remaining Smoked Salmon Rillette ingredients. Blend, cover and refrigerate.

1 1/2 Hours Before Party:

  • Slice, salt and drain eggplant for Stuffed Foccacia.

  • Mix Fennel Spice Rub for Fennel Spice Chips.

  • Heat potato chips in oven and then sprinkle generously with Fennel Spice Rub.

  • Bake eggplant for Stuffed Focaccia.

  • Assemble Stuffed Focaccia, place in oven to bake.

At the party:

  • Prepare and assemble tea and steamed milk for Tea-Chino.

Eat and Enjoy!

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