Season 5, Episode 12

Housewarming Party

Celebrate your new home with a home made meal that's as simple as it is delicious. You'll be the envy of the neighborhood with recipes for Crespelli "Short Stacks" with BBQ Chicken; Slightly Cooked Gazpacho and Olive Oil Cake.

2 Days Before Party:

  • Assemble and simmer all ingredients for Barbeque Sauce. Cool, cover and refrigerate sauce until day of party.

  • Blend ingredients for Crespelli Short Stacks crepe batter. Cover batter and refrigerate.

  • Mince carrots for Slightly Cooked Gazpacho. Saute carrots with garlic, add tomato juice. Season and pour into a bowl to cool. Cover the Gazpacho and refrigerate.

  • Reheat Barbeque Sauce. Using a roasted store-bought chicken, remove the skin and pull the chicken from the bone. Stir the chicken into the warm Barbeque Sauce. Stir in orange zest. Set aside to cool. Cover and place chicken in refrigerator.

  • Pull Gazpacho from the refrigerator and finish Gazpacho by adding small-diced red onion, zucchini, celery, fennel, fennel fronds. Season Gazpacho, cover and set aside in refrigerator.

  • Cook crepes in butter. Layer crepes on a sheet pan on top of wax paper.

  • Assemble Crespelli Short Stacks by buttering crepes and layering them with chicken in Barbeque Sauce. Wrap finished crepes in foil and set aside in refrigerator.

1 Hour Before Party:

  • Pre-heat oven to 350?F and place wrapped Crespelli Short Stacks for 30 minutes to heat through.

  • Reduce orange juice for Olive Oil Cake. Reserve.

  • Assemble chopped scallions, cabbage, apple, lemon juice, lemon juice, olive oil for Apple Slaw.

  • Blend milk, eggs, olive oil, liquor, reduced orange juice, sugar, rosemary, lemon zest and anise seed for Olive Oil Cake batter.

  • Add dry ingredients, baking powder and flour, to Olive Oil Cake batter.

  • Bake Olive Oil Cake in two greased round spring-form pans.

  • Plate Gaspacho in a large bowl. Finish with chopped fresh parsley, fresh basil and Sweet 100 tomatoes and red wine vinegar.

At the Party:

  • Toss Apple Slaw with dressing.

  • Remove Crespelli Short Stacks from the oven and slice into 8 pieces.

  • Un-old Olive Oil Cakes and spread with orange marmalade while cake is still warm. Slice cakes into eights and garnish with rosemary.

Eat and Enjoy!

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