Season 1, Episode 1


Jeff Corwin makes his way through Mexico on an extraordinary culinary adventure taking a gritty look at pre-Latin dishes that have survived for hundreds of years. In the mountainous region of Oaxaca, the country’s culinary center, Jeff joins a Zapotec chef to cook up a wasp nest and enjoy some “chapulines” (grasshoppers) as well as “tacos de cabeza” (head tacos), a Mexican staple that include cow cheek, nose, eyeballs, and brains. In Hidalgo, Jeff and Mixteca farmers harvest “escamole” (ant larvae) from the base of the enormous Maguey plant. With thousands of angry ants attacking and biting, Jeff satisfies a dream to eat escamole in the wild. And when he combines escamole with “Huet la Coche” (corn fungus), Jeff scores the ultimate Mexican meal, ant bites and all.
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