Episode 3: Valerie Bertinelli

Learn how TV legend Valerie got her start on the network as well as the story behind Valerie’s Home Cooking and Kids Baking Championship. She describes what it’s like working with kids and not having the heart to eliminate any contestants. Plus, hear about her true loves — her son, Wolfie, and her many cats — and how many kings are in her family tree.

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Episode 2: Josh Capon

Jaymee chats with Josh Capon — successful chef, restaurateur and seven-time NYC Wine & Food Festival Burger Bash winner. Find out his burger secret weapon, and get his advice on how to be a good chef (spoiler: it has nothing to do with food!).

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Episode 1: Kalen Allen

YouTube sensation and Food Network judge Kalen Allen shares how he started making viral food recipe reaction videos that took him from full-time student to full-blown star in a matter of weeks

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Jaymee Sire is a food blogger and TV host. She is a former sports anchor with ESPN and has appeared as a judge on several Food Network shows, including Beat Bobby Flay and Food Network Star. Additionally, Jaymee served as the floor reporter on the premiere season of Iron Chef Showdown.