Play the Game at Home: Culinary Inspiration from Guy's Grocery Games, Season 3

Let episodes of Guy's Grocery Games inspire your meal planning on your next venture to the supermarket.

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Lunch with a Twist

In Game 2 of this episode the chefs not only had to adhere to a meager budget, they also had to use frozen tilapia in coming up with a lunch dish. We won't ask you to go to that extreme! But check out these lunch recipes that go beyond just the ordinary soup or sandwich — and they're healthy too.

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Pressed for Ideas?

In Game 1 of this episode, the chefs were handed Guy's Grocery List and tasked with incorporating horseradish, candied orange peel, something green and something in a jar in creating panini. Check out these 50 ideas from Food Network Magazine for making these flavorful pressed sandwiches at home.

50 Panini

Thanksgiving Simplified

In this special Thanksgiving episode, the chefs in Game 3 managed to cook upscale Thanksgiving dishes with just five ingredients, a difficult challenge with rewarding results for one chef. Explore Food Network's Thanksgiving Central for recipe ideas, whether you're cooking with an ingredient limit or not.

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Sweet and Savory Decadent Breakfasts

In Game 2 of this episode, Guy tasked the chefs with cooking a decadent breakfast, no holds barred — that is, until he revealed the Red Light Special, peanut butter and jelly. Check out Food Network's best breakfast dishes, which offer both sweet and savory options. Then see if you can pull off a PB&J twist.

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Lasagna with a Major Twist

In a brand-new game, Un-Gredient List, the chefs of this episode had to make lasagna without access to any of the classic ingredients. The dishes they came up with, such as a Mexican lasagna, were unique renditions not unlike these creative all-star lasagna recipes from Food Network Magazine.

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Spooky Sweets, Terrifying Treats

In Game 2 of a special Halloween-themed episode, Guy challenged the chefs to a Single Aisle Showdown, shopping only the candy aisle, or the "Aisle of Terror." Guy let them use one protein in coming up with their savory treats. Get your holiday ideas brewing for all kinds of Halloween treats, both savory and sweet.

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Guy's Favorite Italian Foods

In a special Triple D Takes on Triple G episode, Guy asked the chefs to create what they thought was his favorite dish for Game 3. Despite being thrown a Red Light special and a Cart Swap, both chefs created Italian-inspired sandwiches. Here are Guy's favorite Italian dishes from Triple D.

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Whole Chicken: The Best Bang for Your Buck

Buying whole chicken over parts is a great way to save money. In Game 2 of this episode, the all-star chefs had to use whole chicken and a $16 budget for their international dishes. Most used parts of the bird for different components. These recipes show you how to utilize one chicken in five different ways.

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Guy's Best Dishes

In Game 3 of this episode, luck of the draw determined the chefs could shop for ingredients only starting with the letter "C" when cooking their best dishes. Although it put a wrench in their plans, the results proved their adaptability. Check out Guy's best recipes and see if you can try shopping with a letter limit.

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Breakfast for Dinner

Sometimes you just crave breakfast for dinner. In Game 2 of this episode, the chefs couldn't use their carts when shopping for their breakfast-for-dinner dishes, which led to some pretty tasty creations. Try grabbing only what you can carry the next time you're shopping, using these recipes for inspiration.

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Getting Creative with Kebabs

You can put pretty much anything on a stick — the possibilities are limitless. But in Game 2 of this episode, the chefs discovered they were limited to using only clearance-cart items. See what ingredients star chefs in Food Network Magazine like to put on their kebabs.

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Tacos to a Different Tune

Making tacos is typically no problemo. But what if you have to use certain unusual ingredients? That's exactly what the chefs had to do in Game 2 of this episode, using Guy's Grocery List to shop for their tacos. See Food Network Magazine's 50 Tacos for ideas to help you think outside the box (or tortilla).

50 Tacos

Food Network Stars Take to the Aisles

Four Food Network Star winners, including Triple G judge Melissa d'Arabian, took over Flavortown Market in this special episode. With Guy himself a past winner, it was like a class reunion. Get top recipes from past FN Star finalists so you can cook like a Star at home.

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