Play the Game at Home: Culinary Inspiration from Guy's Grocery Games, Season 2

Let episodes of Guy's Grocery Games inspire your meal planning on your next venture to the supermarket.

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Get Into the Holiday Spirit

This special holiday episode had the chefs cooking holiday-themed meals: In Game 1 each chef cooked a favorite dish using store samples; in Game 2, a dessert with a weight limit; and in Game 3, an elegant New Year's Eve dinner. Check out Food Network's Holiday Central to get your holiday planning started.

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Reimagining the Classic French Toast

The chefs went into Game 1 of this episode unprepared for what was ahead. After finding out the bread aisle was off-limits for their French toasts, they had to resort to creative measures. Learn how to make the perfect French toast at home and mix things up with a different bread.

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Speedy Sandwiches

The chefs thought Guy had forgotten to give them any restrictions in Game 3 of this episode, but once he came over the loudspeaker, they soon discovered they had only 90 seconds to shop for their hot sandwich creations in a game of Closing Time. Check out the best sandwiches from Triple D for some inspiration.

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Classic Recipes with a Twist

The chefs thought they had it easy in Game 3 of this episode when Guy told them to prepare classic dishes, but the game, Frozen Food Feud, threw them for a loop. But in fact many of these fan-favorite recipes use frozen ingredients for a shortcut, like pearl onions in this beef bourguignonne.

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Creative Pasta Recipes

In Game 1 of this episode, Guy challenged each chef to cook a pasta dinner utilizing only the produce section in a Single Aisle Showdown. But there's no pasta in that section! Despite the disadvantage, the chefs turned out healthy renditions, some with vegetable ribbons, like in these recipes here.

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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

The chefs had to weigh in before cooking their chicken dinners in Round 2 of this episode — all ingredients couldn't weigh more than 6 pounds. Luckily, you don't have to limit yourself when choosing to cook any of these grilled chicken recipes.

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New and Improved Pasta Salads

When it came to shopping by Guy's Grocery List for their noodle dishes in this episode, the chefs had to incorporate a number of incompatible items, but mayonnaise proved to be the most difficult. Browse these pasta salad recipes, which offer some mayo-free options for your summer entertaining.

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Best Burgers

Everyone has their idea of the best burger. In Game 1 of this episode, Guy had the chefs cooking theirs with one condition: The ingredients couldn't weigh over four pounds. Despite the stipulation, the chefs were able to turn out impressive renditions. Check out this compilation of burgers to get your creative juices flowing.

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Vegetarian Without the Veg

In Game 1 of this episode, Guy asked for the impossible: a vegetarian feast using ingredients from only the middle aisles, which meant no fresh produce. Luckily, you at home don't have to follow the rules, especially when presented with a bounty of seasonal vegetables ready for grilling this summer.

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Desserts Set to a Timer

In Game 2 of this episode the chefs had to create their best dessert, but it was a Closing Time challenge, so they had just 90 seconds to shop. Check out Food Network's best cookout desserts, including pies, tarts and ice cream. When you're shopping for ingredients, see if you can grab all items in 90 seconds flat.

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Grilling Central

The chefs were challenged to utilize the grill in every round in this episode. Get some of Food Network's best recipes, how-tos and more for summer grilling. Plus, follow this handy guide for grilling on skewers, and watch Guy grill burgers for the Triple G crew.

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International Inspiration

In the first challenge of this episode, the chefs had to make a dish using items from only the middle aisles, plus apply an international flair, which happens to be one of Guy's specialties. Get a sampling of his worldly recipes from Guy's Big Bite and you'll be sent on a flavor trip around the globe.

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Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

Guy's mom, Penny, made a special appearance in this Mother's Day episode, which had four mom competitors. Find out which dessert Guy bakes his mom every Mother's Day. Plus, learn how to prepare the perfect egg dish in this handy Egg-Cellent Brunch guide.

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