The Triple G Judges Name Their Favorite Games

The judges of Guy's Grocery Games reveal their favorite games, the ones they think are the toughest to beat.

Photo By: Jeremiah Alley ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Jeremiah Alley ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Jeremiah Alley ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Jeremiah Alley ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

5 Ingredients or Less — Aarti Sequeira

“Because I tend to cook with a lot of ingredients," Aarti said of her reason for choosing 5 Ingredients or Less as her favorite game. "So it’s a good challenge for me to try to figure out what I would do,” she said. In a special Thanksgiving-themed episode, she was particularly impressed when Randy Mulder chose tarragon as one of his five ingredients. “Tarragon goes wonderfully with poultry,” Aarti said to the other judges during the challenge.

Cart Swap — Beau MacMillan

Beau loves the way Cart Swap really makes chefs think on their feet: "It's just amazing because the beauty of being a chef is the ability, I think, to really adapt and overcome, and when you've set your mind to something, chefs commit to that … they have an understanding, direction, they are in control — they know." Beau commended Salvatore Boscarello for making a Cuban Turkey Burger with competitor Mika Leon's ingredients in a romantic-dinner challenge. He deemed the burger "off-the-charts good."

Aisle Down — Catherine McCord

"Every time we play Aisle Down I think it's such a challenge," Catherine said of her favorite game. Catherine was impressed in a Season 2 challenge when competitors had to make French toast without access to the bread aisle. "Within the frame and the challenge, this is French toast," Catherine said to Tony Nasello, who cleverly chose a frozen baguette. "It's sweet, buttery in my mouth."

ABC — G. Garvin

“I love the possibility of pulling out a letter that could really throw you but makes you think about what you really get,” G. explained about his favorite game, ABC. In an ABC game where competitors could only use the letter G, he appreciated Tia Harrison’s entree that used garbanzo beans, green beans and grapes. “The flavor profile is there. The presentation is there. It all works well together,” G. said.

Cart Swap — Christy Vega

Even as a seasoned chef, Christy says that witnessing Cart Swap boggles her mind. “I have so much respect for these chefs that come and do it,” she said. Though Cart Swap is tough, some competitors shine in the challenge. “This pesto is phenomenal,” Christy said when tasting Erica Tucker’s Charred Steak with Arugula Pesto, which used competitor Ignacio Chavarria’s ingredients. She raved, “I would add it on anything.”

Can Can — Troy Johnson

For Troy, games on Triple G don’t get better than Can Can, “because it is such a sad, sad game that sucks the soul out of a chef by its stem,” he explained. “It’s such a hard game, and some of the dishes that you end up with are so funnily inedible, you know, that you just crack up through the nausea,” he said with a laugh. “The crab, it tastes like canned crab,” he said when trying Dayna McLeod’s Tropical Crab Salad. “It needed to become something else. It was begging for a metamorphosis.”

ABC — Madison Cowan

When watching the chefs compete, Madison gets a kick out of the whole nature of the competition. “I just like to see that lot run around with their trolleys,” Madison explained. Whether it’s a game of Cart Swap or ABC, you can bet contestants race around Flavortown Market. In a Season 4 challenge featuring the letter M, Madison commended Brian Anderson for his Filet Mignon with Boxed Mashed Potato Gnocchi. “The gnocchi, it’s ingenious,” Madison said. “You were definitely thinking outside the box — pun very much intended.”

Watch Your Weight — Melissa d’Arabian

“I love Watch Your Weight,” said Melissa, who explained, “I think having a limit to the amount of groceries you can buy keeps the chefs focused, and they can really treat the ingredients right, rather than trying to make yet one more dish.” In a Season 3 challenge where the chefs faced a five-pound weight limit, Melissa was wowed by contestant Brandon Peacock’s Fried Calamari and Fried Pickles with Shallots and Jalapenos. “These pickles … are by far the best fried pickles I’ve ever had,” she said.

Bag Swap — Richard Blais

Richard’s favorite game is Bag Swap, which forces chefs to cook with each other’s ingredients, as seen in a special holiday-themed episode in Season 1. “It’s not really the holidays until there’s a little tension,” Richard joked with the other judges. The tension was certainly high when Aram Reed had to make turkey instead of his originally planned rib eye. “The turkey came out OK,” Richard said. “It was crispy. You ended up frying it, which I think was a good call.”  

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