Meet the Competitors of Holiday Baking Championship, Season 5

Get to know the nine bakers competing for a chance to win $25,000 and the title of Holiday Baking Champion.

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Photo By: Zack Smith

Photo By: Zack Smith

Photo By: Zack Smith

Photo By: Zack Smith

Photo By: Zack Smith

Photo By: Zack Smith

Photo By: Zack Smith

Photo By: Zack Smith

Photo By: Zack Smith

Photo By: Zack Smith

Lerome Campbell — Naples, FL

Lerome is the pastry chef at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, FL with dreams of opening his own shop. One of his holiday traditions is constructing the Ritz-Carlton's life-size gingerbread house.

Sherry Clarke — East Lyme, CT

Originally from Toronto, Sherry is a home baker living in Connecticut. She's a mother of two, and her kids love her baking abilities, because sometimes it means there is cake for breakfast and dinner.

Jamie Decena — Chula Vista, CA

Jamie is an executive pastry chef in sunny California. Her favorite part of the holidays is making treats for people, including her caramel-apple cheesecake. She likes to take something traditional and turn it into something people can't even imagine.

Julia Perugini — Maricopa, AZ

Julia is a self-taught baker known for her holiday cookies. She wants to use the Holiday Baking winnings to build her business and visit her mother in Brazil.

Douglas Phillips — Ayer, MA

Douglas is the baking and pastry instructor at Northshore Community College. He has a passion for teaching and for his family.

Dan Raymond — Castleton, NY

Dan runs and owns a pastry shop with his family. He's known to his sons as a "derd" — dad nerd.

Nolan Schooley — Sanford, MI

Nolan is a pastry chef from a small town in Michigan. "I eat, I sleep, and I breathe pastry," he said. He is also no stranger to holiday celebrations: "I have never lost an ugly sweater contest."

Sarah Lucia Tafur — Miami

Sarah loves the holidays so much that she refers to herself as a "Christmasholic." Originally from the Dominican Republic, she now runs her own bakery in Miami.

Chantal Thomas — Windsor, CT

Originally from Jamaica, Chantal now runs her own bakery. She hopes to use the Holiday Baking prize to help grow her business.

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