Season 2, Episode 10

Moist Muffins

Jack gets some baking basics when Frederic shows her how to make moist, delectable Blueberry Lemon and Banana Muffins.

Episode Guide
Below you’ll find a helpful episode guide for cooking along with Frederic and Jack, as well as tips and recipe rescues.

Equipment List:

  • 12-cup muffin tin

  • Colander

  • Small saucepan

  • Dry measuring cups

  • Large and medium mixing bowls

  • Measuring spoons

  • Rasp

  • Wooden spoon

  • Rubber spatula

  • Whisk

  • Liquid measuring cup

  • Chef’s knife

  • Cutting board

  • Wire rack for cooling

Measuring flour:

  • Scoop or spoon the flour into a dry measuring cup, and then level it with a knife.

  • Do not use the measuring cup as the scoop, or you will pack too much flour.

Mixing batter:

  • You don’t want to over-mix the batter, or your muffins will be too dense and dry.

  • Add the wet ingredients to the dry.

  • Stir ingredients together until just combined.

Baking soda vs. baking powder:

  • Baking soda is a chemical leavener that is activated by an acidic ingredient, such as yogurt, buttermilk, brown sugar, chocolate, honey, etc. When baking soda is combined with acid, a chemical reaction occurs that produces air bubbles. In the heat of the oven, the air bubbles expand, causing baked goods to rise, and lending a light texture.

  • Baking powder is baking soda combined with a chemical acidifier, thus rendering other acidic ingredients unnecessary. Most baking powders are double-acting, meaning that they work in 2 stages: when they are first added to a liquid, and then again when they are heated.

Recipe Rescues:

  • If the bottoms of your muffins are burnt – Slice off a thin layer at the bottom. Cool muffins in their tin on a wire rack for only a couple minutes, and then remove from tin and let finish cooling on the rack.

  • If your muffins did not rise – Make sure you used the correct leavener (baking soda or baking powder). If your leavener is old, it may be past its prime. Over-mixing the batter also prevents rising.

  • If your muffins have a lot of holes – This mixing method produces a coarse-textured muffin with large, irregular air holes.

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