Season 5, Episode 9

Cora vs. Guarnaschelli

Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli from NYC's Butter restaurant enters Kitchen Stadium to challenge Cat Cora to the ultimate produce battle.

Lidia Bastianich
Tyler Gray
Mo Rocca

Challenger stats: Chef Guarnaschelli
From: New York

Restaurants: Butter

Cuisine: Eclectic American

Interests: Formula one car racing and needlepoint

Ideal secret ingredient: Ramps

Culinary inspirations: Guy Savoy, my mother and father and fresh produce

Ideal judge: Bill Clinton

Culinary secret weapon: Imagination

Favorite restaurant: Da Fiori, Venice, Italy

Favorite food: A fresh cinnamon donut

Food you won't go near: Red mullet livers make me nervous

Weirdest thing you've ever eaten: Cod sperm on toast

Favorite food destination: La Meranda in Nice, France

Alternative dream job: Marine Biologist

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