About the Show

Each week, our kitchen SWAT team – chef Cat Cora, design expert Wolfgang Schaber and contractor Peter Marr – surprises a homeowner in desperate need of a new kitchen. With the homeowner's wish list as a starting point, the team has three days to complete a total kitchen makeover. Our cameras capture the entire process, including the moment the homeowners see their brand-new kitchen. Along the way, our talented trio provides you with advice you can use for your own kitchen.

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Pomegranate Glazed Turkey with Wild Rice and Chestnut Stuffing

Loukanika with Sausage, Pepper and Eggs

Sea Scallops

Wine Country Potato Salad, Patatosalata

Lamb Chops

Chicken and Dumplings

Flank Steak with Fresh Vegetable Salsa

Curried Red Snapper

Polenta Party!

Asparagus Roll

Greek Roll

Mango Smoothie

Mushroom and Nut Pate

The Art of Pulling Fresh Mozzarella

Berry Ice Cream

Chicken and Dumplings

Classic Fondue with Fruit, Vegetables and Bread

Easy Pizza Dough

Pizza Rollups

Barbados Potatoes-Sweet That Is

Banana Pops

Rolled Baklava, Baklava Orthi

Tomatoes Stuffed with Lamb and Rice (Yemistes Domates me Rizi)

Vegetable Couscous "En Crepinette"

Classic Mojito

Grilled Zinfandel Peaches

Chocolate Creme Brulee