Outrageous Pumpkins: Meet the Contestants

Meet the seven expert pumpkin carvers who will face off in outrageous challenges for the chance to win a sweet $25,000 prize.

Brandy Davis — Nampa, ID

Brandy is a special effects artist with a Guinness World Record for carving the largest Jack-o'-lantern.

Monique Hawk — San Diego, CA

Monique's family began to host pumpkin carving parties when she was little, and soon after she developed a passion for it. She hasn't stopped carving since!

Danny Kissel — Newville, PA

Danny is a full-time artist from Pennsylvania. His favorite part about pumpkin carving is taking a giant pumpkin, tearing it apart, and turning it into something completely different.

Tom Lindskog — Eugene, OR

Tom is a high school woodshop teacher who is pretty adventurous. He rarely does the same thing twice and always likes to challenge himself.

Griffon Ramsey — Autin, TX

Griffon is a professional chainsaw artist who started sculpting at 6 years old. She loves sculpture because she likes to bring out her ideas into a solid form.

David Smith — Columbus, OH

David is an ice sculptor who runs his own extreme arts ice sculpting business.

Willy Tuz — Grand Junction, CO

Willy is a vegetable sculptor from Colorado who has been in the business for 18 years. This is his first pumpkin carving competition.