Meet the Contestants of Outrageous Pumpkins, Season 2

Meet the seven expert pumpkin carvers who will face off in outrageous challenges for the chance to win a sweet $25,000 prize.

Photo By: Matthew Odom

Photo By: Matthew Odom

Photo By: Matthew Odom

Photo By: Matthew Odom

Photo By: Matthew Odom

Photo By: Matthew Odom

Ryan Anderson — Salem, OR

Ryan is a chainsaw carver who primarily uses power tools. He started chainsaw carving at 14 years old. He lives, eats, and sleeps carving competitions.

Titus Arensberg — Newark, OH

Titus was training to be a chef until he came across ice sculpting and was captured by the craft. He later started carving pumpkins to make his daughter happy.

Lenny Calvin — Long Beach, NY

Lenny is a carpenter by day and a pumpkin carver at night. He has been carving for over 10 years.

Kristina Patenaude — Temple, TX

Kristina is a graphic designer from Texas. She carved her first pumpkin 10 years ago.

Chrissy Scarpati — Monroe, CT

Chrissy is an art teacher who got into pumpkin carving 6 years ago by watching pumpkin sculptors on the Food Network. This is her first pumpkin carving competition.

Liza Slaughter-Baker — Nashville, TN

Liza is a power plant operator from Tennesee. She started pumpkin carving by watching tutorial DVDs.

William Wilson — Cincinnati, OH

William is a general contractor from Ohio. His close friend got him into amateur pumpkin carving competitions and he has been carving ever since.