Season 3, Episode 2

Leis in the Fray

Rachael and Guy challenge the celebrities to make Hawaiian-inspired hors d'oeuvres and a team cocktail to serve 50 guests at a luau party in only 90 minutes. The guests fill out comment cards rating each team's dishes, as special guest judge Chef Marc Murphy ultimately chooses the winning team and which celebrity will be eliminated.
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Bring On the Flavors of the Islands

Rachael and Guy welcome the celebrities to Lee's Hawaiian Islander restaurant in Lyndhurst, N.J., where they will be challenged with throwing a luau for 50 guests. Each team must cook four hors d'oeuvres, create a signature cocktail and serve the partygoers. Their judge will be Marc Murphy from Chopped.

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The Team to Beat

The members of Team Guy are excited to get started. With the first challenge win already under their belts, Ice, Tiffany, Herschel and Chris can't rest on their laurels. As Herschel says: "I came here to win. We're on like Donkey Kong. So get ready!"

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Playing the Underdog

Before cooking can begin, the mentors take some menu planning time with their teams. Rachael's advice is that they should cook "something that will appeal to the masses." Jake's plan is to have people underestimate him, so he's making whatever he's told. "Watch out for the quiet guy in the corner," he says. "You never see the sleeper coming."

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Sleeping on the Job

Guy goes over his team's menu plan. Most know exactly what they want to make except for Chris, who unfortunately falls into dreamland. Chris decides to go with pork, but Guy warns him: "This is the big hitter. If you cut it too small, and you cut some too big, then you'll have raw pork and you'll have overcooked pork ... it's a pretty big responsibility."

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It's All in the Details

With 90 minutes to cook, the contestants must use their time wisely. Ice is utilizing the same skill set he uses for construction and when he raps, calling it "ridiculous meticulous," as he cuts perfect cubes of pound cake for his Pineapple Ice Cakes. He's also making pineapple compote and whipped cream.

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Chopped Phobia

Judy's going non-kosher by deciding to make egg rolls with pork and shrimp — ingredients she's never cooked before. "What is wrong with me?" she says. She's even more nervous when her rolls open up during frying, especially since she's got to impress a Chopped judge, who she fears might chop her.

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Not the Right Size for the Job

Chris' team is worried about him because his dish is a major component. As he's cutting up the pork for his Volcano Swine, Guy stops by to ensure Chris is making use of it all. But Chris is full of excuses. "I'm a small person. I don't chop big things," he says. "Give it to Herschel, the big bear. I'm a little gazelle."

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Pun Intended

Penn looks up the recipe for his special "Thai It, You'll Like It" Chicken Curry. He's got a lot of cutting up to do, but he decides to ignore Rachael's suggestion that he thread the chicken onto skewers. He intends to add grilled pineapple to his dish to give it a more Hawaiian twist.

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The Way to a Woman's Heart

On Rachael's suggestion, Jake is preparing pork tonkatsu (fried pork tenderloin cutlets), but to take it up a level he is encrusting it with macadamia nuts. He's hoping to impress his coach, saying: "I'm going to try and cook my way into Rachael Ray's heart. That's my secret weapon to win this thing."

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Fear of the Fryer

Chris is getting ready to fry his pork cubes, but he gets so frustrated that he doesn't have the strength or the ability to remove the basket. "I'm very dainty, I'm very delicate," he says. Luckily Herschel is called for backup. Before Chris can catch a break, Guy reminds him he's got to cook the rice too.

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Shortcut to Success

Florence relies on her style of shortcut cooking, deciding to parboil her Hawaiian ribs until tender before grilling them. As she finishes the dish, she says, "Honestly, I'm creating miracles here." She's sure they're going to be a hit.

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Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

For her ahi tuna tacos, Tiffany cut up raw fish to the perfect size. She also fried wonton wrappers into taco shapes, but it took a lot of work standing by the fryer, for which she had to fight Jake to even get close to let alone use — not to mention, Chris and Judy were also fighting for the fryer.

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Under Pressure to Succeed

Herschel's filling his lettuce cups with the chicken, but he has a problem cooking them in the oven, so he ends up using a wok. He's worried about the dish but says he's used to "the pressure," which he says is his middle name. Meanwhile Chris and Tiffany rush to plate their dishes.

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Lost in Translation

Chris gets stuck with making the cocktail for his team. He blends together pineapple, coconut, mango and rum, calling it a Guy Tai. The restaurant's bartender tries to offer some tips, but Chris misinterprets it: "I don't know what he's saying. How am I going to make the drinks if he's yelling at me?"

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Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Judy is depending on selling her dish by being funny, as she's sure it will win everyone over, but she's really nervous presenting in front of Marc. She does crack up Rachael and Guy, however, with the name of her dish, Judy's Egg Rolls. "When I say Judy I mean J-E-W-D-Y," she says.

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Overcoming Obstacles

Herschel presents his dish of chicken lettuce wraps, which he topped with crushed peanuts to hide the chicken's slightly odd texture from the cooking problems he encountered. Even so, Rachael found it delicious and Guy was happy Herschel got through the "trials and tribulations" in the kitchen.

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The Decision Is Out of Our Hands

It's elimination time and Guy announces that guest judge Marc will be weighing the comments from him, Rachael and the partygoers, and Marc will be making the final decision as to "which team wins, who is going to be the MVP of the team and who will be going home."

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Learning to Listen to Your Coach

Marc goes through the list and reads off the partygoers' most and least favorite dishes. From Team Rachael, Judy's egg rolls came in as the favorite and Penn's chicken curry was the least favorite. Marc thought "the balance was off" and that it could have used a "sear or some grill marks," which Rachael had suggested to Penn.

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Winning with Tenderness

Marc announces that Team Rachael wins the challenge with Florence getting MVP, which means her charity gets $2,500. Marc praised her for the Hawaiian ribs, saying, "I was impressed they were tender." Unfortunately, the win also means someone from Team Guy will be going home.

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Out with the Funny

The partygoers chose Tiffany's tacos as their least favorite, though Marc disagrees. Marc decides Chris' pork dish was his least favorite because it was overcooked and oversauced. Even though Chris didn't earn his charity money, he gets the last laugh: "You may have better food come your way, but it won't be as funny."

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