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Before there was Emeril, there was The Galloping Gourmet. Go back in time with this classic cooking show, as host Graham Kerr shares a plethora of cooking and home entertainment ideas.

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Deep Fried Strawberries with Sauce Sabayon

Stony Hill House Cake

Crepes Fitzgerald

Master Kit Ballon

Strawberry Crepes

Mile High Pie

Eggs Yalumba

Rollitos de Fillete de Ternera

South Australian Strawberry Pie

Wall Eyed Pike Pie

Pork Teko Teko

Stamp n' Go


Pineapple Ocho Rios

Lamb Kebabs

Chateaubriand Henri Iv

Pork Spareribs with Mashed Potatoes


Flan Souffle al Miel

Beer and Rump Pot Roast

Carrot Cake


Jamaican Pepper Pot Soup

Bread and Butter Pudding

Fruitful Pagoda

Veal Pizzaiola

English Tea Cake and Russian Tea