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Before there was Emeril, there was The Galloping Gourmet. Go back in time with this classic cooking show, as host Graham Kerr shares a plethora of cooking and home entertainment ideas.

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Roast Pheasant Trident Villas

Tenderloin Tips Jimmy

Crepes Fitzgerald

Coconut and Lime Pie

Deep Fried Ice Cream

Orange Marquise

Herr Kerr's Torten

Mile High Pie

Lancashire Hot Pot

Shrimp Moska

Filets de Sole Baumaniere

Tourtier - Six Pie


Rabbit Cacciatora

Pot Au Feu

Frogmill Meringue Gateau

Kalfhaas Amsterdam

Lobster Miranda Hill

Cuscinetti Filanti

Rebhun Mit Ananas

Consomme Lady Curzon

Tasting Room Pie

La Concha Beef Tips

Barossa Cream

Parramatta Pie

Apple Beignets

Homard au Beurre (Lobster with White Butter) and Artichoke and Mushroom Salad