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Life Gets Easier with a Connected Kitchen

The future is here, at least when it comes to cooking. Thanks to these smart appliances in the GE Profile Series, it’s easier and more fun than ever to cook and spend time in the kitchen. Latest technology helps simplify busy lives, letting you become a better cook and host — all while transforming your kitchen into the smartest room in your home.

The Kitchen Hub

Consider this the kitchen command center of your dreams.

Recipe Search

Make your meal plan much faster. The cooking app offers access to over 5,000 dishes, with room to add family favorites into the digital library. Step-by-step tutorials help you learn new techniques with ease.

Video Chat

Whether you’re touching base with loved ones to perfect a family recipe or just looking for company while you cook, the video chat feature allows you to connect from the kitchen. There are two cameras — a forward-facing lens for conversations, and one angled toward the cook surface to show off culinary wins and snap social posts.

Built-In Voice Assistant

If you’ve got your hands full — or they’re covered in dough — don’t sweat it. Voice-activated assistance can respond to texts, manage your calendar or pre-heat the oven, all with simple spoken commands. You can even ask for measurement calculations and conversions — consider it a very helpful and hands-free sous chef.

Entertainment Apps

Never miss an episode: The Kitchen Hub™ lets you stream favorite shows while you sauté. Or if you want to put some pep in your meal prep, turn on your favorite music playlist.

Whole-House Appliance Control

Manage your whole home right from the stovetop using GE’s interconnected technology. Lower the thermostat, start a load of laundry, brew a cup of coffee or check in on the baby through the monitor. When you’re this plugged in, you can take a load off.

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The Double Oven

With not one, but two smart ovens, you’re able to cook a delicious meal without stress.

The French Door Refrigerator

These features are as cool as cool can be.

Get help when hosting

Like an in-house catering aide, the fridge can fill pitchers without spilling, and monitor ice availability, so you never run out. And when it comes time to replace the water filter, the fridge sends an alert to your phone.

Start your morning right

No more stumbling in search of morning caffeine — you can set your fridge to prep hot water by the time you get up each morning.

The Dishwasher

Keep your dishes sparkling with these bright new features.

Take a load off

Don’t stress about remembering to run the dishwasher: Use GE’s app to start the cycle right from your phone. The app will also tell if you’re running low on detergent and rinse aid. Sign up for Dash Replenishment and they’ll be delivered to your door automatically.

Keep Your Hands Off The Dirty Work

No need to pre-wash dishes before loading them into the dishwasher. The advanced washing system features 140 jets to ensure that each dish is fully cleaned. There’s even a feature designed to clean water bottles.

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The Microwave

Voice-activated functions make cooking even quicker.

Voice Controls Lend A Hand

No need to hover at the microwave window, waiting for food to heat up — voice commands allow for easy control from across the kitchen.

Scan To Cook

Eliminate any cooking confusion. Scan the barcode on microwaveable packaged foods to get the directions sent right to the appliance instead of having to punch in the cook times and type of food.

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