The Top 10 Things I've Learned From Star

By: Brandy Shearer

Group Photo of Next Food Network Star 6 Rivals against a cityscape backdrop

It'll be over all too soon ... just three more shows until the finale! Seems like a good point to reflect on some of the Star wisdom I've gained in the last seven weeks:

(Can't remember who did or said what? Click the links to see who gets credit.)

1 – Being a Star judge is no cake walk.

2 - Simply saying " I love butter" at the end of a presentation won't win you a camera challenge.

3 – Even in a TV food competition, shushing or interrupting someone is still bad manners.

4 - Wearing crazy oversized sunglasses on camera doesn't buy much in the way of credibility.

5 – Bobby Flay has a serious tie collection.

6 – Singing for the judges only works if you're on a show where that's the thing.

7 – Some foods — like say, beef stroganoff — just need to stay on the not-so-healthy list. (Comfort food should be, umm … comforting.)

8 - Chorizo taquitos aren't the way to go when planning a kids' birthday menu.

9 – The Frank Sinatra house is no place for talk of budget-friendly meals.

10 – Bob Tuschman could make the world’s worst insult sound completely pleasant and courteous.

So how about you? What Star lessons have you learned?

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