Ina’s Perfect Last Meal Will Shock You

Plus, the guest list at her ultimate dinner party and where you’d find her eating out in NYC.

Ina Garten with Vanilla Shortbread Hearts

Ina Garten with Vanilla Shortbread Hearts

In between appearances for her new book, Cook Like A Pro: Recipes and Tips for Home Cooks, we got a few minutes with Ina to ask about the important things: her must-have last meal, her ultimate dinner party and what a night out with Jeffrey looks like.

Ina’s Last Meal

If I were to imagine Ina’s last meal, I would guess it'd be something French (she loves Paris), and Jeffrey would definitely be by her side. In my mind, it would be at a French bistro and there would be three courses of hard-to-pronounce food with an apple tart for dessert. However, I would be wrong. I got the location right, but not the cuisine. In a recent interview, Ina revealed her last meal on earth would be a hot dog, but not just any hot dog. “It would be a hot dog from Frenchie To Go in Paris,” said Ina, with a chuckle. Frenchie To Go is fast food outpost of a popular restaurant, perfect for a quick bite. “Gregory Marchand makes his own hot dogs and they are so good. And since I don’t have to worry about dying young, I would have French fries with it.” Yes!

Ina’s Ultimate Dinner Party

Ina's ultimate dinner party would include three fabulous women and Jeffrey. Ina would invite Julia Child, Taylor Swift and Michelle Obama, she told us, adding, "I would be cooking." She said, “I love to cook for people I love.” Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that one!

A Night on the Town with Jeffrey

If you’re expecting to run into Ina in a fancy restaurant on a weeknight, you wouldn’t be wrong, but you won’t find her in a prime spot in the dining room. Her favorite place to have a meal with Jeffrey is at the bar. “We like to eat dinner in a bar; the food is more casual. We go somewhere like Jean Georges’ restaurant The Mark, but we eat in the bar and have a glass of wine and a truffle pizza. We love that. I don’t need a big menu, there’s always something delicious.”

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