The 12 Types of Friendsgiving Dinner Guests

You know who you are!

By: Katie M


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Yuganov Konstantin

No matter what kind of Thanksgiving dinner you have on actual Turkey Day — from loving family dinner to stressed-out argumentative meal — there’s always a chance to dig into the best meal of the year with the people you actually like: your friends. Friendsgiving is usually one of our favorite holidays of the year, but whether you’re hosting or your college BFF took over those duties, it’s always a wonderfully weird cross-section of adult social circles. At any grouping of individuals, there are bound to be certain types you’ll cross paths with. These are the people you’re likely to run into at any Friendsgiving. Which one are you?

The Overly Stressed Host



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Tetra Images

Fingers crossed this isn’t you, but no matter who’s throwing the shindig, the chances of stress are very high. Even if the host swore they planned out everything in advance and has lists up the wazoo, the actual scramble-around of prepping all of those dishes, cleaning up for guests and ensuring everyone is happy is nearly impossible. If you’re lucky enough to not be the host, assign yourself to wine-pouring duties and ensure they have a full glass at all times.

The Inventive Side Dish Maker

He saw a recipe for Smokey Spicy Mashed Potatoes and just had to attempt them for your Friendsgiving. Yes, the sentiment is lovely, but they’re *so* spicy all of the guests are crying and everyone secretly wishes he just made them with salt and pepper and called it a day.

The Ina Garten Wannabe



Top view of a wooden cutting board on dark slate background filled with a assortment of fine food. The composition includes cold cuts, two glass bowls with dried tomatoes and olives paste, various types of cheese, prosciutto, salami, black olives and some herbs. DSRL studio photo taken with Canon EOS 5D Mk II and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM

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Another wonderful idea in theory, but unless you’re actually the Barefoot Contessa, leave your opinions and overly specific ingredient choices to yourself. Yes, we know how good the charcuterie plate was the last time you were in Southern France, but our budget is more on the scale of Trader Joe’s so this Unexpected Cheddar will have to do.

The Overachiever



Traditional stuffing side dish for Thanksgiving in a baking pan

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They not only made homemade pie crust for their pumpkin pie, but they also insisted on bringing two side dishes — and everything tastes great. Whoever you are, dear overachiever, you’re the real MVP of Friendsgiving.

The Bad Cook



Hand holds one slices of burnt toast bread with sad face against a toaster. Sadness concept. copy space

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And then we have you, bad cook. We know your heart was in it, but the follow-through just isn’t there. Luckily, you signed up for an already-unpopular side dish, so you didn’t fully fork it all up, but next time? Maybe go with an always-appreciated bottle of wine.

The Restricted Eater



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Anna Bizon

Vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten-free — whatever they are, it makes Friendsgiving ultimately harder. Let’s just all agree to cut our losses and hope the restricted eater ate a late lunch?

The One on a Diet



Raw quinoa stuffed sweet peppers in a cast iron skillet. Top view. Healthy, vegetarian food concept

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We honestly can’t with this one. We don’t want you to sabotage your healthy lifestyle just for us, but did you really have to make rice pilaf stuffed peppers as your dish? Just because that’s a protein-packed meal that works on your diet doesn’t mean we all have to be subjected to a totally random dish that has nothing to do with Thanksgiving at all! Just stick to a healthy veggie and portion-control yourself.

The Chips Guy



doritos on wooden table, copy space

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dejan Jekic

You know him, you love him, you appreciate his ever-present family size bag of nacho cheese Doritos. Sure, it has nothing to do with the classic holiday, but they’re a crowd-pleaser and he didn’t think about this meal for even a second before his commute over. We’ll cut him some slack and give him an A for effort.

The Bottomless Pit



High angle view of unrecognisable person holding a plate with their Christmas dinner on.



They somehow slipped into the party without bringing anything and now they’re onto their third helping of the meal. You don’t really blame them — everything was fantastic — but how do people know this guy again?

The Moocher



Pumpkin pie, traditional pie for Thanksgiving Day, top view

Photo by: Anjelika Gretskaia

Anjelika Gretskaia

Another guest who somehow didn’t bring a dang thing. You swear, if she weren’t your work BFF’s college roommate, you would’ve kicked her out of your group years ago. Alas, she’s here and at least she’s got some entertaining party stories.

The Late "I Have Wine!" Guest



toasting with wine glasses in front of chicken dinner



She’s almost two hours late and you’re already sitting down to eat — work “emergency” — but she has wine and you were running low! Therefore, the late entry becomes the real hero.

The Aggressive Dish-Cleaning Guest



Photo by: Jonathan Gelber

Jonathan Gelber

She’s not a great chef to begin with (and only brought some crackers and cheese), so she channels her guilt into offers to clean up the entire kitchen. Except when she cleans, so must you (no one knows where anything goes), so you just wish she would stop. You appreciate the help — you really do! — but you want everyone to just chill and keep chatting in the living room, so please, just stop.

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