Boozy, Cocktail-Inspired Cupcakes Are Exactly What Happy Hour Is Missing

If you like pina coladas, you’ll love pina colada cupcakes even more.

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Whether you're a cocktail fan or the dinner guest who prefers to eat their calories, boozy cupcakes are a fun conversation starter for any get together. From rum spiked pina colada-inspired batches to bourbon-infused old-fashioned ones, we rounded-up our favorite boozy cupcake recipes for you to try out the next time you’re hanging with friends for a long overdue happy hour. Because drinking your favorite cocktail is great but these cupcakes make your drink of choice that much sweeter.

Moscow Mule Cupcakes (pictured above)

You're going to want to tip your bartender — er, baker — double for this one. Though this recipe utilizes much of the same ingredients found in your typical vanilla cupcake salt, sugar, butter, etc. it’s the ground and crystallized ginger that gives it that warming, spicy jolt that a perfectly made Moscow Mule is known for. When combined with the studded buttercream frosting which is made from a bold combo of vodka and lime juice and zest these cupcakes truly are a work of art. Use copper-colored cupcake liners for a glitzy touch.

Photo by: Matt Armendariz ©Copyright 2015

Matt Armendariz, Copyright 2015

If you love to break open a cold one on a summer day, try these German-beer spiked cupcakes instead. You’ll use Hefeweizen, or white beer, in both the batter and the frosting, along with finely grated orange zest and ground cloves to give your cupcakes a citrusy punch that pairs oh-so-nicely with the wheaty taste of the beer. Trust us — they’re just as good as the stuff that’s on tap!

There’s no better way to wet your whistle than with these swirly and colorful Negroni-inspired cupcakes. Campari has a starring role in the frosting, while pink and black peppercorns and finely grated grapefruit zest take the lead in the batter, giving you a sweet treat that’s as spicy as it is fragrant and herbal. We topped ours with coarse orange sugar and small orange slices, but a curly orange peel works just as nicely.

MINT JULEP CUPCAKES Food Network Kitchen Food Network Allpurpose Flour, Baking Powder, Vanilla Bean, Sugar, Unsalted Butter, Eggs, Bourbon, Milk, Confectioners’ Sugar, MintFlavored Liqueur, Peppermint Extract, HalfandHalf, Brown Sanding Sugar, Mint Leaves

Photo by: Matt Armendariz ©Copyright 2015

Matt Armendariz, Copyright 2015

Though the Kentucky Derby has come and gone, you don’t need a horse race to imbibe these Mint Julep cupcakes. Here a little splash of bourbon goes a really long way — you’ll use it in your batter, plus you’ll brush the top of each cupcake after baking to give each one an extra buzz. Creme de Menthe and mint extract shine through the frosting, leaving you with a cool and refreshing treat that’ll help you forget just how hot it might be outside.

These golden and glistening cupcakes are sure to make your happy hour ten times happier. From the bourbon-infused frosting found on top to the paprika-, nutmeg- and clove-spiced cake making up the centers, these devilish cupcakes feature all the beloved components of a traditional Old-Fashioned, even sugary maraschino cherries! Best part of all: you don’t need to get your rocks glasses dirty to enjoy them.

A Year In Cupcakes

A Year In Cupcakes

Photo by: Ryan Dausch

Ryan Dausch

Rolling waves and bright sunshine: both will instantly come to mind when you take a giant bite out of one of these tropical cupcakes. Dark rum gives both the cake and frosting a slightly spicy kick while pineapple juice and shredded coconut gives these cupcakes a yummy sweetness overall. Decorate with some cocktail umbrellas and one or two maraschino cherries to turn your snack time into an exotic adventure (even if you're sitting indoors.)

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