These Are the 10 Cleanest Chain Restaurants in the U.S.

Did your favorite spot make the list?

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Clean Eating

When dining out there are always things to consider: What kind of food are you in the mood for? How's the service? Is the restaurant clean? Technomic (a sister company to Restaurant Business) surveyed hundreds of diners from quick-service and sit-down chain restaurants to find out which establishments scored the highest for overall cleanliness (on a scale of 0 to 100). The overall score is based on the restaurant’s interior, restrooms, and kitchen area.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

This fine dining steak and seafood chain scored higher than any other establishment for cleanliness. A whopping 74.7% of diners praised the chain’s interior, while 70.5% found the restrooms to be quite clean.

Season 52 Bar and Grille

Seventy-percent of diners found the cleanliness of this upscale chain top notch. A whopping 74.7% gave the chain a high score for overall interior cleanliness. Bathrooms also scored quite high at 69.9% — which is always nice to know especially when you dress in your best for dinner.

Brio Tuscan Grille

This Italian chain got kudos from 67.9% of diners for overall cleanliness. Close to 70% also applauded their interior cleanliness and spotlessness of the dishes and glassware.

The Capital Grille

This fine dining steakhouse got high marks of 67.7% for overall cleanliness, and even higher marks for the chain’s interior cleanliness. One survey respondent even noted that the bathroom is always spotless – a good sign for any place you choose to eat at.

Carrabba’s Italian Grille

Take note of the interior next time you head to Carrabba's. This Italian food chain received an overall rating of 67.2% by diners with 71.4% praising their interior cleanliness. However, the scores dropped to 64.5% and 64.4% for cleanliness of the restrooms and kitchen, respectively.


This fast food chain received an overall score of 67.2%. The kitchen and food prep areas has a slightly lower ranking of 66.5%, while the restrooms scored a 65%.


The overall score of this national burger and frozen custard joint is 67.1% with 69.5% of surveyors saying that the interior of the restaurant is especially clean.

Firehouse Sub’s

This sandwich chain came in with an overall ranking of 65.8% with 64.4% of customers commending the cleanliness of the restrooms.

Newk’s Eatery

This southeastern all-American chain offering everything from salad to pizza to sandwiches to mac and cheese scored a 64.9% for overall cleanliness. The interior of the restaurant scored slightly higher at 66.4%.

Papa Murphy’s Pizza

This fun chain where they make the pizza for you to bake at home scored a 63% for overall cleanliness, but you might want to use the restroom at home before you head out to eat. Its numbers dipped significantly when it came to bathroom cleanliness, scoring a 44.4%.