Restaurant Favorites at Home

Make restaurant dishes and takeout favorites like chicken Parmesan, egg rolls and artichoke dip at home with these easy recipes.

Chicken-Avocado Egg Rolls

On The Best Thing I Ever Made, Guy Fieri shared this recipe for egg rolls stuffed with sauteed aromatic chicken and sliced fresh vegetables. They're a menu fixture at his Santa Rosa, Calif., restaurant Tex Wasabi's.

Get the Recipe: Chicken Avocado Egg Rolls

Almost-Famous Chicken Lettuce Wraps

These lettuce wraps might be loaded with complex flavors, but they’re still easy enough to put together at home with this recipe from Food Network Magazine.

Get the Recipe: Almost-Famous Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Copycat Kung Pao Spaghetti

Now you can Kung Pao your spaghetti at home in just 30 minutes. Tender chunks of stir-fried chicken are tossed with pasta, toasted peanuts and a sweet-and-spicy sauce.

Get the Recipe: Copycat Kung Pao Spaghetti

Chicken Taco Salad

Your stomach says tacos, but your brain insists on salad. Satisfy both urges by trying The Pioneer Woman’s restaurant-quality taco salad, a substantial yet fresh-vegetable-laden dinner. 

Get the Recipe: Chicken Taco Salad

General Tso's Chicken

Make a beloved Chinese takeout dish at home with this easy recipe from Food Network Kitchen. 

Get the Recipe: General Tso's Chicken

Copycat Zuppa Toscana

Now you can sink your spoon into Olive Garden's most-popular soup, even when you can't make it to the restaurant.

Get the Recipe: Copycat Zuppa Toscana

Skillet Brownies

Who says skillets are just for frying eggs? Cap off your dinner party with Ina Garten’s brownies, baked and served in mini skillets for both a rustic presentation and less cleanup.

Get the Recipe: Skillet Brownies

Almost-Famous Broccoli-Cheddar Soup

Serving up bread bowls full of comforting, homemade broccoli-cheddar soup is easier than you might imagine — no can openers or professional chefs required.

Get the Recipe: Almost-Famous Broccoli-Cheddar Soup

Guy-talian Nachos

Find Little Italy south of the border with Guy’s creative Mediterranean take on nachos. Ricotta, mozzarella, and a tomato, pepper and caper salsa are just a few of the surprises your party guests will enjoy in this big-batch appetizer.

Get the Recipe: Guy-talian Nachos

Chicken Parmesan

Let friends mistake your pantry for their favorite Italian trattoria with Tyler Florence’s Chicken Parmesan, which comes together quickly with ingredients you likely already have on hand.

Get the Recipe: Chicken Parmesan

Kobe Sliders

Don’t be intimidated by fancy Kobe beef. You can swap in regular ground beef; these sliders, topped with homemade aioli and caramelized onions, will still have a gourmet touch. 

Get the Recipe: Kobe Sliders

Buffalo Chicken Salad

In the time it takes you to head to your favorite comfort food restaurant and order a Buffalo chicken salad, you could have made it at home for yourself and three friends. Throw together Rachael Ray’s pan-seared version next time you host game day, or prep the recipe on the sly and treat yourself.

Get the Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Salad

Grilled Chicken Tortilla Soup with Tequila Cream

Bring piquant Southwestern flavors to your house with Guy’s rendition of tortilla soup, complete with a lime-y tequila sour cream topping.

Get the Recipe: Grilled Chicken Tortilla Soup with Tequila Crema

Chinese Chicken Salad

Think you can find Chinese chicken salad only on a menu? With a little help from Ina, you can whip up 12 servings of this simple meal featuring baked chicken, blanched asparagus and a salty-sweet dressing.

Get the Recipe: Chinese Chicken Salad

Chinese Beef with Broccoli

Peanut sauce, oyster sauce and ginger lend this classic Chinese restaurant dish its signature salty, tangy flavor. This recipe is easy to replicate it home, and it's better for you, with just 404 calories and 30 grams of protein per serving.

Get the Recipe: Beef With Broccoli

Iceberg Wedge Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing

Why rely on a steakhouse when you’re craving a crunchy, savory wedge salad? You can make Sandra Lee’s recipe in less than 20 minutes and with only five ingredients.

Get the Recipe: Iceberg Wedge Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing

Artichoke Dip

Nobody’s going to prevent you from licking the last of this rich, indulgent cheesy artichoke dip from the bowl if you make it at home.

Get the Recipe: Artichoke Dip

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