12 Best Beach Eats from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Browse Guy Fieri's favorite beach eats from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Oysters Rockefeller — Whale’s Rib (Deerfield, Fla.)

Because this restaurant is about 100 yards from the ocean, the seafood is about as fresh as it gets. Their take on oysters Rockefeller is what sets them apart, though. In addition to the traditional toppings, they top the oysters with a tomato and a slice of provolone cheese — a combo the locals have come to expect and love.

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Huli Huli Chicken — Mike’s Huli Huli Chicken (Kaneohe, Hawaii)

Guy loves this place so much, he actually invested in his own huli huli machine, which slow-cooks the chicken in the traditional Hawaiian method. It’s a wood-fired rotisserie that keeps the chicken moist on the inside and adds a ton of smoky flavor.

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Red Snapper — Solomon’s Landing (Cabo San Lucas, Mexico)

The concentration here is not necessarily on making the food fancy, but making the food from the freshest seafood around. The fish is coated in panko and finished with a sauce made from garlic, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, white wine, lobster sauce, marinara and heavy cream. 

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Char Siu Pork — Mike’s Huli Huli Chicken (Kaneohe, Hawaii)

Chicken isn’t the only thing spinning on the huli huli machine at Mike’s — there’s also a traditional pork dish. The name means “red Chinese pork,” and that’s exactly what it is. Marinated in a mixture of soy, hoisin and oyster sauce as well as brown sugar and some Chinese spices, it gets its signature color from red food coloring added into the marinade.

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Chilaquiles — Solomon’s Landing (Cabo San Lucas, Mexico)

Stewed onions, tomatoes, garlic and peppers get made into a sauce for this traditional Mexican breakfast and tossed with crunchy tortilla chips. That’s piled high with local cheese, red onions and sour cream. 

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Marlin Burger — Nico’s Pier 38 (Honolulu)

When the local fishermen come in with their catch at about 5:30 a.m., the chef at this spot is first in line at the auction. The fresh catch around Nico’s is too good to pass up, so it’s used in almost everything on the menu — even the burger! Instead of a traditional patty, their burger is two marlin patties stacked high with red onions, butter lettuce, cilantro aioli and a tomato.

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Crab Cakes — Captain Chuck-A-Muck’s Sandbar and Grill (Rescue, Va.)

A captain-turned-chef runs the kitchen here and has been serving the locals’ favorite crab cakes for years. With just eggs, a few sauces and spices, and some bread, the filling for the cakes is super-simple and that’s what keeps everyone coming back — the crab is always the star.

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Fried Lobster — La Camaronera Restaurant & Fish Market (Miami)

The first thing you should know about this place is that diets stop at the door. Everything here is fried, never grilled. Defying all culinary norms, the lobster is dipped into a ketchup sauce, breaded and then deep-fried. It’s served with hot sauce, because butter is just too traditional for this place.

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Dolphin Sandwich — Whale’s Rib (Deerfield, Fla.)

Don’t be alarmed: Dolphin is just another name for mahi mahi. A fresh slice of fish is beer-battered and fried, then topped with a generous portion of Thousand Island dressing, purple slaw and Swiss cheese.

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Fried Clams — Evelyn’s Drive In (Tiverton, R.I.)

Years ago a couple stumbled into this place for lunch after getting lost trying to find the restaurant they wanted to buy. Turns out, the eatery was for sale, and they’ve been doing things Evelyn’s way ever since. The fried clams are a local favorite and for good reason: They’re some of the biggest you can find. 

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Rhode Island Chowder— Evelyn’s Drive-In (Tiverton, RI)

This takes the cake for the most-creative chowder around. It’s called a “clear chowder” because there is no cream in it until the wait staff serves it. That makes it a little lighter than its counterpart, and the locals love it. 

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Lobster Chow Mein — Evelyn’s Drive In (Tiverton, R.I.)

Guy says this is one of the funkiest things he’s ever eaten, but that doesn’t mean it’s loved any less than the traditional dishes at this place. It’s original owner Evelyn’s recipe, and it’s made fresh daily with fresh vegetables, chicken broth, local lobster and chow mein gravy mix.

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