The Best Chicken Wings on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Plan a road trip to try some of the best wings Guy has ever had in his travels.

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Photo By: Citizen Pictures

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The Best Wings Ever

Smoked or deep-fried and doused in sweet or fiery sauce, chicken wings are a staple at many restaurants across the country. Here are some of the most-delicious Guy has tried in his travels.

Stuffed Chicken Wings — Thai Mee Up (Kahului, HI)

Guy heads to Thai Mee Up for Thai-inspired Hawaiian food right by the airport. Their "out-of-bounds" stuffed chicken wings with sweet-and-sour plum sauce are crispy on the outside and bursting with veggies and rice noodles on the inside.

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Alkaline — Asian Sticky Wings (Norfolk)

Chef and Owner Kevin Ordonez is taking Asian street food to another level at Alkaline. His popular wings are lightly coated and then fried twice for optimal crunch. He then carefully brushes each one with a sweet and spicy sauce so they don’t lose their crispiness.

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Spicy Garlic Wings - OB Noodle House (San Diego, CA)

These wings are bright red from their day-long bath in a super-spicy marinade that includes habanero and Thai chiles.

OB Noodle House

Banana Garlic Wings — Blue-Eyed Crab Caribbean Grill and Rum Bar (Plymouth, MA)

Chef Jim Casey has dreamt up a menu that takes inspiration from the islands, as it’s loaded with seafood dishes that have a Caribbean twist. The flavors of the tropics shine through in Chef Casey’s assortment of next-level bar eats like the banana garlic chicken wings that Guy described as "a calypso band meets Metallica."

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Hickory Smoked Wings with Jerk Sauce and Lime — Ducks Eatery (New York)

Siblings Will and Julie Horowitz are making culinary waves in NYC’s East Village with their restaurant, Ducks Eatery. They are also cranking out whole smoked wings with an Asian vibe. 

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Smoked Wings — Smokey D’s BBQ (Des Moines, IA)

There’s a reason Smokey D’s racks up so many awards: The team prepares some of the best BBQ in the Midwest. The cherrywood smoked wings are one of Guy’s favorite bites. 

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Thai Hot Wings — Opal Thai Food (Haleiwa, HI)

Chef Opel is a Bangkok native and is cooking up classic Thai favorites as well as creating some new ones. Guy could not keep his hands off of the glazed garlic chicken wings topped with fried basil. 

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Adobo Buffalo Wings — Senor Sisig (San Francisco)

An adobo glaze makes these Buffalo wings a popular draw for Senor Sisig's Filipino-fusion food truck.

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BBQ Volcano Chipotle Wings — Beer Belly (Los Angeles)

Volcano Chipolte Chicken Wings get a thumbs-up from wing-loving Guy Fieri.

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Damn Hot Wings — Smitty’s Wings & Things (Stockton, CA)

Former NFL player Steve Smith has traded in the pigskins for wings, which he slings at this Stockton joint. One popular option is the Damn Hot, which Guy called a "good old-fashioned funky, crunchy wing." For this dish, the wings are coated in a paprika-laced flour mix, fried and then slathered in a fiery sauce whose heat factor is kicked up with cayenne, smoked jalapenos and green chiles.

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Scampi Wings — Scully's Tavern (Miami)

The wings here are done in a very unique way: After they're fried, they're tossed in sauce and grilled twice. These have the classic garlicky flavor of shrimp scampi right in the sauce.

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